Richmond Meltdown Festival

Richmond Meltdown Festival

Do I have a great reason or do I have a great reason to drag you out of your cozy warm home, away from your favorite fuzzy slippers and burning fireplace, and into the chill of Indiana this time of year? Yes, indeed, I do. Two words: Richmond Meltdown.

It’s well-planned festivals like the FREE Richmond Meltdown event that are interesting enough to get me outside! Just look at the action-filled map at the end of this article. Because, otherwise, you know those Doctor Who episodes won’t watch themselves!

Richmond Meltdown 2016 Festival

Richmond Indiana Holds Richmond Meltdown Festival

Richmond Indiana Holds Richmond Meltdown Festival

Now, I admit, I am generally a penny-pincher at heart. Oh, you may not be able to tell when I am out and about doing the Little Indiana thing. Hey, I’m all about supporting small business and only fill my home with “stuff” from local shops. And, you know, ordering a homemade dessert is a necessity when I’m doing research on a restaurant. But at home? That’s a different story.

Did I also mention that I despise being cold? Jeez, you follow a guy to South Carolina and then to Seattle for awhile (my husband was in the Navy), and you lose whatever kept you warmer in the winter. How in the world was winter ever my favorite season?!? Someone, please tell me. I don’t remember why or how! Oh, wait. Maybe it has something to do with ice and sculptures?

It isn’t every day that you find something inspiring to do in the middle of an Indiana winter. It speaks to the miser in me: because it’s an incredible FREE bit of fun, at that.

Look, my artistic abilities are few and far between. I can draw a tree. I can draw a cat sitting from the back. I can do a mean stick figure. That’s about it. So, imagine if you will, twenty-two tons of ice sculpted into jaw-dropping works of art all around downtown Richmond and the amazing Historic Depot District!

TWENTY-TWO TONS of ice will be dropped into Richmond, #Indiana for the festival! Share on X

But wait, there’s more: internationally and nationally known ice carvers will be there! These aren’t wimpy little blocks of ice, either. Picture 4′ wide, 18″ thick, 300 pound hunks of ice, and you start to get the idea that this festival is unlike any other.

Find ice sculptor artists like:

Buddy Rasmussen
Revered Butter
Dean DeMarias
Danny Bloss
Aaric Kendall
Andrew Thistlethwaite

On January 26, outside of the Morrisson-Reeves Library, you may line up for an autograph. How neat is that? Get to the area before the festival kicks off to view the “work zone” and watch those chainsaws fly!

It’s a three day winter celebration or, as I like to call it, a winter icebration. Celebrice? Celebiceival? Okay, that’s just getting ridiculous. Still, it promises to be a pretty huge event with plenty of interactive events for each member of the family.

In case you need a warm-up, rest assured that there will be “hot spots” or warming stations, located around the area. These places will host activities, refreshments, and/or entertainment.

Autographs with the ice sculptors, warming stations, and interactive FUN? Yes, please! #richmondmeltdown Share on X

The featured event, however, will be the fast-paced, action-filled battle of Ice Fight, as two ice sculptors pit their skills against each other. That event will occur from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM on January 30, 2016. Did I mention there’s a 1200 pound chunk of ice involved?

Friday, January 29 Richmond Meltdown Events

Richmond Meltdown Festival

Downtown Richmond Indiana to Hold Richmond Meltdown Festival

Warming Stations are open from 4 PM – 7 PM at: Roscoe’s Coffee Bar and Tap Room and Joe’s Pizza. Free activities provided.

Saturday, January 30 Richmond Meltdown Events

Warming Stations open 12 PM – 6 PM at: Roscoe’s Coffee Bar and Tap Room and Joe’s Pizza. Free activities provided.

How long will the ice sculptures remain around downtown Richmond? Let’s just say it’s “weather permitting.”

To learn more, check out Richmond Meltdown and follow in the fun on the Richmond Meltdown Facebook Page. Bonus: why not start a hashtag trend? Share #RichmondMeltdown across your social networks so everyone can join in the fun!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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