There’s so much to love about our small Indiana towns, don’t you agree? From the history to the shops to the restaurants, parks, and people, there’s always something to discover, appreciate, and enjoy. Cannelton, Indiana is a charming little town located along the Ohio River. You better believe it boasts its fair share of interesting history.

Cannelton, Indiana: A Town on the River

Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana

Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton, Indiana

This part of the state is so beautiful. Have you visited southern Indiana lately? There’s hills and trees and forests. For my former flatlander self (we have only recently relocated from the flat lands of Northwest Indiana), it’s a real treat for the eyes! Oh, the views. When you meander down a road, you may just see the sparkle of the river in the background.

For all of its natural appeal, Cannelton as a town has seen better days. Fortunately, there are people here who still care enough to open businesses, preserve their heritage, and get involved in their community. They are making a difference. From restoring the Indiana Cotton Mill to the former county courthouse turned history museum (known as the Perry County Courthouse Museum), you can learn the glory of Cannelton’s past while appreciating the many things to see and do.

Outdoor lovers will thrill at the range of activities here. With close proximity to the Hoosier National Forest, you’ll love the only authorized guide horse ride in the entire forest. It took her years of paperwork, but now you, too, can horseback ride across the trails.

You’ve never seen a pioneer cabin quite like this. In fact, I’d bet you have never seen a whole village of them before either! But that’s what you’ll find when you head to Shubael Little Pioneer Village. There are no paved paths or lit walkways here. Instead, you honestly feel like you’ve stepped into the past. It’s a phenomenal attraction and one that I hope you can visit when they have one of their festivals.

Want a slower pace? Is sitting, sipping wine, and looking out over the Ohio River from hundreds of feet above it more your speed? Then you will want to visit the Blue Heron Winery. Isn’t it lovely? The owners are also the innkeepers of the Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast. It’s perfectly comfortable and a great home-base when exploring this Southern Indiana town.

Watch Cannelton on PBS with Host Jessica Nunemaker

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Family friendly, yet perfect for couples or singles, anyone will find plenty to see and do in this one small town. Just think–with more than 3,000 small towns in the state, you will never lack for something to do. Watch the video right here or on the PBS WTIU website.

Have you visited Cannelton? What’s your favorite attraction, restaurant, or shop? Please share it in the comments section below.

Cannelton, Indiana

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