What better way to visit a series of unique and interesting things to see and do in Wayne County, Indiana than with the first ever Wayne County Selfie Stop Trail.

So, meet Wayne County, an area that just doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This combination of cities and towns has a wonderful variety of unique things to see and do.

You just won’t find them anywhere else. You better believe this won’t be the only one in this series. Find the list of Indiana County Selfie Stops here. It will be updated as they are added.

Wayne County has a population of 68,917 (2010 census) and encompasses an area of roughly 404 square miles. The towns and cities included in the Wayne County Selfie Stop Trail include:

  • Cambridge City
  • Centerville
  • Fountain City
  • Greens Fork
  • Hagerstown
  • Richmond

You get the highlights tour. A little taste of a few Indiana oddities and a whole lot of fun and adventure mixed in.

How To Join in the Selfie Stop Wayne County Trail


Buddha Head Wayne County Selfie Stop Trail

Cant get inside the museum for the mummy? Then head outside and snap a selfie of the Buddha head.

Visit as many of the locations below as you can and snap a selfie. A selfie is simply a pic you take yourself, of yourself that may include others.

Let everyone see what you are doing! We would love to read your thoughts on the attraction or area you visited so be sure to include your comments and insider tips so everyone can get the most out of their adventure.

Share it on the Little Indiana Facebook Page, share it on your own Instagram account, and/or also your Twitter account, accompany your entry with the hashtag #LittleINSelfie and tag Little Indiana on the appropriate social network.

For example, on Twitter, you would tag Little Indiana with @JessNunemaker, on Instagram @littleindiana, and on Facebook, you would use @littleindianatowns. See how simple that is?

Photos on Facebook will be gathered into a separate selfie album so everyone can join in your fun and view your suggestions.

10 Unique Wayne County Selfie Opps

  • Wayne County loves trails. Pick up your passport to fun at the Wayne County Visitors Center. It’s free to participate and you may hop on or off the trail at any time.
  • Get a pic while enjoying the Chocolate Trail.
  • Snap a shot while shopping for antiques along either Indiana Alley Antique Trail (there are two of them).
  • Try to pick just one of the Tiffany windows to use as your backdrop on the Tiffany Stained Glass Trail.
  • Look for the hidden fairy doors, gardens, and condo along the Enchanted Fairy Trail and snap a pic with it.
  • Hop on the Murals Trail or see what you can find. Then share it!

Selfie Stops in Wayne County

To explore even more, try to visit these separate locations that aren’t necessarily a part of one of the trails listed above.

Cambridge City 

  • “Drive” along the National Road to see important landmarks during with interactive exhibit at the Huddleston Farm House Inn Museum/National Road Interpretive Center.
  • Overbeck Pottery. You either love it or you hate it. But, you can’t help admiring the creativity of these creative sisters. Share a pic of the piece of Overbeck Pottery you find the most intriguing.
  • Pop inside the post office for a selfie with the New Deal WPA Works mural inside. It is fantastic!


  • Reach the top of the highest point in all of Indiana–and get a pic with the sign anytime from dawn to dusk.


  • Snap a shot of the world’s largest candle at Warm Glow Candle Company.
  • There are only seven archways in Centerville. Get a pic of one.
  • The site of one of the first women’s temperance movements in 1858, it ended with smashed whiskey barrels and several women jailed overnight. Get a shot of the exterior of the 1840 Mansion House Inn and Salisbury Courthouse. It’s an 1811 courthouse–the oldest existing log courthouse in the entire Northwest Territory.
  • You say the courthouse is switching locations? No way. Cannon fire said otherwise. Snap a selfie in front of the old jail where “Black Betty” (the cannon) was used in a desperate attempt to keep the Centerville as the county seat. (Many believe the building to be the old courthouse but that was located elsewhere).
  • Native Americans once gathered together outside Doddridge Chapel for worship. Take your selfie pic with the amazing old church as your backdrop.

Fountain City

  • “Cotton is king!” Can you lift the cargo at the Levi and Catharine Coffin State Historic Site? Let’s see you try!
  • The Historic Meeting House At New Garden is adorable. Get a pic of this 1866-built former New Garden Academy.

Greens Fork

  • See the cute little gazebo outside the Clay Township Museum? Snap and share your masterpiece.
  • There’s a mural here. Find the Happy Days shop and look at the side of it.


  • Abbott’s Candy Shop has been around a long time. See if you can catch a selfie with the production team as a backdrop.
  • Pappaw’s Hunny Farm is a fan of bees. Grab a seat on the porch of the honey headquarters and snap a pic during business hours.


  • Are you my mummy? It’s selfie time. Get a pic with the 3,000-year-old mummy, one of only two in the whole state of Indiana, at the Wayne County Historical Museum or with the big Buddha head outside if the museum is already closed for the day.
  • The other mummy in Indiana is at the Joseph Moore Museum of Natural History. But that’s not what you are after. Look for the giant beaver. That’s the one you need.
  • Walking, hiking, or biking? Get a shot of the “Entrance to the Nature Trails” sign at Hayes Arboretum. Then go for a hike enjoying 3% of Indiana’s old growth forest.
  • Find the “Gennett Firsts” mural and get your pic.
  • Kids love tanks. Snap a shot of your fam with one of the two M3A3 Stuart tanks situated inside Veterans Memorial Park. Bonus points for camo wearers!
  • Head to “The Gorge” otherwise known as Whitewater Valley Gorge Park. Brave folks can get a shot on the swinging bridge.
  • It’s one of our favorite places in all of Wayne County–and a too well-kept secret. Get your selfie at Thistlewaite Falls (and get your fossil hunting on).
  • Look outside the Model T Museum for the oversized gas pumps. That’s your next selfie stop!
  • Harry Potter fan? Find the room under the stairs inside The Two Sisters: Books and More shop.
  • Be inspired. Take your pic by the Madonna of the Trail at Glen Miller Park. This statue is one of only twelve in the country, extending from Bethesda, Maryland to Upland, California.

Share Those Wayne County Selfies

Whitewater Valley Fossil Hunt Richmond Indiana Fun

Ninjas lurk at Thistlewait Falls. Snap a selfie…if you dare.

How many did you check off your list? Did you find anything you had never heard of or seen before? 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #littleINSelfie” so we can all follow along.

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Use common sense and never put yourself in danger for a selfie shot–no matter how good it would be. Obey the law and have fun. Little Indiana won’t be held responsible for injury (or worse). Play along at your own risk.

Wayne County Selfie Stop Trail Locations