Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

A faded sign boasting the birthplace of Major League player Sam Rice welcomes you to teeny tiny Morocco, Indiana.

Morocco, Indiana is also the oldest town in Newton County.

Newton County: Morocco, Indiana

Morocco is very quiet, which is understandable–the population is barely over 1100 (as of the 2000 census).

Sadly, the small downtown had more boarded up buildings than I like to see, interesting buildings though they may be.  Check out those tiny details like the scroll-work that jazzes up the edges of some buildings. Very nice.

There wasn’t too much going on in the tidy downtown, but the surrounding neighborhood surprised my husband and I with gorgeous Victorian home after gorgeous Victorian home. What fantastic examples of Victorian architecture!

Sure, some of them could use a little TLC, but oh the potential! Anyone else redo homes in their heads?

An Indiana Town

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

To find things to do in Morocco, you would have to branch out from the downtown, heading back to the highway area.

Still, close to the highway, we saw a couple of restaurants, a lounge (which is different from a bar, exactly how?), and a pizza place or two. That was about it.

Heading out, we did come across a funky sign boldly proclaiming: Treasures Too. Even from the road I could see that the windows were crammed with stuff! Okay, things just got a little more exciting now, don’t you think?

Morocco, Indiana Shopping

Look past the sagging carport and U-Haul ads (they apparently rent them there) at Treasures Too and instead take in the beaded lamps, lovely glassware, spooky dolls*, and loads of children’s books in really great condition.

If my husband, Jeremy, had not been with me this time I would have bought a cute, CUTE set of sundae glasses…but he was. It’s true: I have a “thing” for vintage glassware.  Really I do not need them but…they had polka dots!

Okay, back to Morocco!  I’ll admit it was a bit sad to see the downtown looking so faded. I really hate seeing neat old buildings fall into disrepair and I sincerely hope things turn around for this small Indiana town.

Go There

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

Yes, there’s interesting architecture. Let’s hope that some folks get busy and put this one back on the map!

*Sorry, I am just NOT a doll fan, probably due in part to the 1987 movie Dolls. I found it absolutely terrifying back in the day, a fright that was surpassed only by The Gate and The Blob.

Agree?  Disagree?  Was there something I missed?  Am I off the mark about Morocco, Indiana?  Please, share your opinion in a comment below.

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Morocco, Indiana in Newton County

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