What better way to kick off National Travel Week than with “Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations,” a book devoted to small town fun? It is now officially available. It’s a size that was made for traveling, right from the start. You’ll love the rounded corners and heavier weight paper. It just feels good in your hand.

This past month has included exciting press coverage in Indianapolis Monthly magazine (the May issue), Homes and Lifestyles magazine (the April issue), the Herald Times in Bloomington newspaper, and the Lafayette Journal and Courier newspaper–so far.

Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations

Little Indiana the Book

Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations — CLICK HERE to purchase a copy from IU Press.

The most unusual result of the articles above happened last week. I took the oldest out for breakfast at our favorite local breakfast spot.  I had to step out for a brief (unavoidable) phone call.

I stepped back in and one of the regulars smiles, holds up the copy of the Lafayette Journal and Courier newspaper that had just come out that day, and commented, “I didn’t know we had a celebrity in Rensselaer.” To other guy replied, “Yes, and she’s sitting right behind you!”

What are the odds of that? They made me autograph the newspaper too. Only in a small town.

Where to Buy Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations

This book is more than just a pretty face. It’s not the type of book that is black and white and a jumble of destinations. No, I have treated this book like the website and the PBS’ segments: everything is organized and treats each small town as a standalone destination.

You can flip through northern, central, and southern Indiana to find things to do. You can check out the index for contact information so you can call ahead before you make a special trip. You can see the places you are about to visit, thanks to a bunch of images, all taken by yours truly.

If you look closely. If you look carefully. You might even notice an image or two of my husband and our two boys. I’m sneaky like that.

I’ve been repeatedly asked where you can purchase your copy of Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations. As it is published by IU Press’ Quarry Books division, you can find it at the IU Press website, at (affiliate link) Amazon right here: Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations, online and offline wherever books are sold.

So, see if your local bookshop has it. If not, ask them to get it in. See if your local tourism bureau has a copy. If not, you know what to do. For booksellers and retail shops, you may use this link to order books for your business.

Small Towns are Worth It

Reading Room Books in Wabash, Indiana

Reading Room Books in Wabash, Indiana

Don’t let this book sit on a shelf. Leave it on the coffee table so you are prompted and reminded that you do have things to do. I want to see those pages dog-eared, people!

I want to see a cover that’s well-loved. I want this book to have your notes scribbled in the margins, because you are actually getting to these places, and checking them off one at a time. That’s what I would do if I didn’t, you know, live it.

I know you will be pleasantly surprised by all that your backyard has to offer. I KNOW it because that was me, once, too. I didn’t know all that there was to do back when I first had this idea–more than eight years ago now.

Do remember the important rules of Little Indiana: always bring cash, always call ahead, and always wander off the beaten path.

What People are Saying

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

“If you’re looking for fun things to see and do … close to home … without blowing your life’s savings … Jessica Nunemaker’s just-published guide, Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations, is for you. The 324-page softcover book, published by Quarry Books (an imprint of Indiana University Press) brims with spritely writing and up-to-date info on interesting places to stay, play, shop and eat … without parking garages, interstates and urban angst.” —Lafayette Journal and Courier

“Jessica Nunemaker has a gift for uncovering hidden gems in small towns across Indiana and bringing each community to life. The amazing stories and photographs in Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations will entice you to explore the Hoosier state and ensure you know the best places to stay, play, eat and shop in each town.” —Ken Kosky, Indiana Dunes Tourism Promotions Director

“As Indiana prepares to celebrate its 200th birthday, Jessica encourages folks to get out and see the incredible things that Indiana offers.” —Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

“Jessica Nunemaker, known for her Little Indiana segment on PBS’ “The Weekly Special,” has put together a book that gives day trippers an idea of where to go for fun, food, and history. Have an interest in DeMotte, Dayton, or Osgood? This little book will tell you the highlights of those small towns.” —Bloomington Herald Times

Are you a Blogger?

Vinton House Antiques in Cambridge City, Indiana

Vinton House Antiques in Cambridge City, Indiana Exterior and Remnants of Second Floor Balcony

It doesn’t matter if you blog on WordPress, on Blogger, on Tumblr, or even for a tourism blog, if you blog about the release of “Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations,” link out to where the book is available (like IU Press and Amazon), as well as back here to Little Indiana.com. Then, send me the link. I will enter you in a drawing to win a free copy.  

I’m including a button to a downloadable copy of the book cover for your convenience.

If you already purchased a copy of the book, and then review it, that works, too. Send a link. If you win, you can gift a copy, or keep one in the car, and one inside within easy reach.

If you don’t blog, you can always share a link with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, just to be nice. I would appreciate it. You will see a sharing tab at the left of your screen. See it? Click it and share. It’s that easy.

After all, these small town shops and restaurants and attractions could use some help. So, let’s make a little noise, then, shall we?

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Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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