Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana

Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana

Adams Mill on Wildcat Creek in Cutler, Indiana dates all the way back to 1845.

Now, don’t think that this Carroll County attraction is one of those places where you’ll see a bunch of rotting timbers where the old mill once stood and everyone stands around oohing and aahing at a hole in the ground.

Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana

Adams Mill is remarkably preserved. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this grist mill once produced flour for more than a hundred years.

In fact, it was still operational until 2003 when a massive flood struck the historic mill.

Today, you can walk through and admire the post and beam construction. Hand-hewn logs and shaved wooden pegs. Wood of poplar, oak, and walnut taken from the local area all those long years ago.

Historic Indiana Mill

Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana

Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana

As interesting as the mill itself may be, there’s plenty more on the inside to see! Would you believe that Adams Mill is in good enough shape that the public can tour through three of the four floors of the old grist mill? Kid #1 kept leading the way and saying he wanted to go up. You can bet I was surprised when I realized we really could keep exploring!

little Indiana and family were amazed at the number and variety of artifacts leftover from the old mill days.

There’s old wagons that people once used to ride on (how I don’t know, they look terribly uncomfortable), antique furniture, tools used to farm and cut down trees, and all sorts of neat stuff.

It’s a whole lot of Indiana history packed into one place. The beautifully written placards tell what everything is–and what it was once used for–because in some cases, you really will have no idea!

Go There

Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana

Adams Mill in Cutler, Indiana

Adams Mill is the site of a few big events throughout the year. We were there for an outdoor festival, with free canoe rides along Wildcat River, as well as music, food, and kids’ games, courtesy of the Wildcat Creek Preservation Society.

I can only imagine how lovely a canoe trip down the Wildcat Creek would be with all the trees changing color! It is just a gorgeous area. Be sure to call for times before you head out the door!

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Adams Mill
500 S 75 E
Cutler Indiana, 46920

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