Wakarusa Pro Hardware in Wakarusa, Indiana

Wakarusa Pro Hardware in Wakarusa, Indiana

I can hear what you are thinking, “You want us to visit Wakarusa Pro Hardware Store in Wakarusa, Indiana?”

But this Elkhart County hardware store isn’t just a hardware store. Okay, it is just a hardware store, however–it’s a neat one!

Wakarusa Pro Hardware Store in Wakarusa, Indiana

Since the business began, this building has been a hardware store. You know, way back at the turn of the century.

That in itself is amazing but what makes it something you should make a point to go see is because of what is inside the building. That something is drawers.

Drawers. There are drawers and drawers and more drawers. A whole entire wall of floor to ceiling drawers containing loose items and smaller packaged things. How do you get to all those drawers? Well, that’s what the tall, narrow, original to the building ladder is for!

Wakarusa, Indiana Hardware Store

Wakarusa Pro Hardware in Wakarusa, Indiana

Wakarusa Pro Hardware in Wakarusa, Indiana

The guys at Wakarusa Pro Hardware asked me if I wanted to climb the ladder for a better shot. Yes, the one hundred year old, super narrow, super tall, ladder.

It is very possible that I have a fear of heights. As in, knee knocking, can’t move, afraid of anything more than a couple feet off the ground. My husband, Jeremy, even offered to do it for me. But when I get a chance to do or see something that I know would wow all of you then, by golly, I have to try!

Each drawer has a story to tell. After one hundred years of use in this small Indiana town, there’s many signs of life. Some drawers have the item attached to the outside of the drawer. Others have black marker scrawled across the top for good measure. Masking tape and various colors of marker also hint at  the contents found therein.

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Wakarusa Pro Hardware in Wakarusa, Indiana

Wakarusa Pro Hardware in Wakarusa, Indiana

While a hardware store isn’t the place I’d normally go for browsing, in Wakarusa, Indiana it becomes an attraction–and a remarkable piece of Indiana history.

The wall of shelves is certainly unique and something that, so far, I have never seen anywhere else!

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Wakarusa Pro Hardware Store
108 S. Elkhart Street
Wakarusa, Indiana 46573

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