Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana

Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana Exterior

Downtown Moorefield, Indiana is made up of just one business–the fantastic Moorefield Market, a general store, and restaurant combined that’s owned by Santa himself. What? You’ll see what I mean. Keep reading.

The address says it is in bustling Vevay, Indiana, not Moorefield, but this is 8 miles north of Vevay. Either way, this Switzerland County business is a must-see destination.

Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana

Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana

Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana Makes AMAZING Sandwiches

This is THE local hangout. Matter of fact, it’s pretty much the only daytime local hangout.

This is the only business in town.

We sat at the one empty table in the more than a century old building as every head turned to look us over. Non-threatening as we are, they quickly went back to local talk.

The owner, Bill, handed us a menu. Sandwiches galore like Steak Hoagies with Mozzarella and Pizza Sauce, Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches, even Country Fried Steak Sandwiches… great choices. Santa (Bill) noticed we were having trouble deciding and mentioned that they could split our sandwiches up, so we could easily share. Is that nice or what?

We went with the BLT and the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Bill’s wife, Marla, makes homemade potato chips best served with Ranch dressing (at the owner’s recommendation). Perfection. Piping hot and delicious.

Kid #1 had a burger and Kid #2 had a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Both were eaten with gusto! Obviously, our sandwiches were excellent, too (just look at that image). I couldn’t even pick a favorite.

Indiana General Store and Restaurant

Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana

Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana

The owners are so incredibly nice. This husband and wife team are also really involved in their community.

In case you somehow missed it, he really IS Santa. Kid #1 informed him that he’s seen him before–in Santa Claus, Indiana or, as he says it, Santa Claus Little Indiana.

We told him that even Santa takes a vacation every now and again. He brought out a few stuffed animals to entertain the boys–and let them keep them, too. See? He’s Santa!

There is usually something going on at Moorefield Market. They host Euchre card games and corn hole on the weekend. Throughout the year, there are also a few big events to raise money for Santa’s Kids.

Santa’s Kids is a way to help give coats, boots, and toys to the kids who really need them. Moorefield Market has managed to raise a lot of money to aid those less fortunate. It is a wonderful cause that keeps getting bigger.

Go into the new addition and check out the walls for posters of previous years events.


Moorefield, Indiana: Moorefield Market

Moorefield, Indiana: Moorefield Market

What a great atmosphere. If you have never been in a general store and restaurant like Moorefield Market in Moorefield, Indiana, you are missing out.

Groceries, books, ice cream, candy, Indiana wine–it’s all here. It certainly gives you something to look at while you wait!

Follow Moorefield Market on Facebook and stay up to date on the latest events.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Moorefield Market
8189 Hwy 129
Vevay, IN 47043

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