Indiana Wind Farm Along Interstate 65

Indiana Wind Farm Along Interstate 65

Indiana Wind Turbines have taken up large blocks of land along I-65 and beyond. After my first article detailing these majestic mammoths, I received emails and comments from little Indiana readers who just had to know more! Please, review the comments carefully on both pages before asking your questions. Most likely they have already been answered!

Your burning wind turbine questions have been answered, once again, by my husband, Jeremy Nunemaker.

Indiana Wind Farms

Indiana Wind Farm Along Interstate 65

Indiana Wind Farm Along Interstate 65

Is it farm-able? If someone leases land to a wind turbine company, can they still farm it?
Absolutely. The footprint of a wind turbine, aka the base, takes up no more space than your average living room!

How noisy are these? If one goes up near my home, will I still be able to sleep at night?
Noise levels of modern wind turbines depends on details such as size, height, age, etc. As far as large commercial wind turbines, such as what you see along I-65, the most common noise is the whistle of the blades passing.

This makes sense when you realize the tips of those blades can be traveling around 300mph, however the sound produced is less than the noise produced by traffic passing a typical home.

How big and small are Indiana wind turbines?
Wind turbines range in size from small units that power single appliances such as a cell phone charger and are only as big as your hand to larger units that help power your home and can be the size of a sofa.

There are also commercial wind turbines that range from 40-50 ft tall all the way to the “latest and greatest” which are coming close to four hundred feet tall.

There are many companies out there that provide smaller wind turbines that help power residential homes or other small scale applications. An internet search for residential wind turbines would give you a list of these small turbine companies.

Wind Turbines Costs

Indiana Wind Farm Along Interstate 65

Indiana Wind Farm Along Interstate 65

Are they only practical or available for sale in areas like Northwest Indiana with wide open flat space?
Wind turbines are applicable over a wide range of terrain, it’s hard to rule out a particular area simply because of its terrain.

Indiana is a good candidate for wind power because it is largely flat and open, however states such as West Virginia also have wind farms because of  increased wind speeds present in the mountainous areas. The only way to know is to look into having a wind study done of your area.

You can also look into wind charts compiled in the past by the government. Many of these are dated but are a great place to start your search and help you decide whether or not wind power is an option in your area.

Over time what is the value or cost of energy that they produce compared with the costs of buying them?
In general, the value of a wind turbine is very hard to calculate. Energy production varies greatly due to the available winds for a particular site and therefore affects the value.

Wind Energy in Indiana

It’s a fast growing field and pretty incredible that Hoosiers, especially those in small Indiana towns, are such a crucial part of this green energy source. Do you have new questions? Feel free to ask below!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Fowler, Indiana
The Wind Farm along I-65 is located outside of this small town.

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