little Indiana Travel Pitch

little Indiana Travel Pitch

Big news in little Indiana today–the pilot pitch for a little Indiana travel segment has been completed!

What the what? little Indiana and JBH Productions teamed up to create what we know would be a great TV series. Who doesn’t want to know more about their own backyard–and who better to tell that story?

little Indiana Pilot Episode Pitch

Back in April, JBP Productions, little Indiana, and Hubby explored Wabash, Indiana with a different purpose: share what makes this Indiana town unique and, what’s more, highlight why others should visit using video!

Usually I’m in control of everything little Indiana: I am the writer, the photographer, the web designer, the social media marketer, and trip planner all rolled into one. But this time? I got to take little Indiana in a whole new direction–film!

Filming in Wabash, Indiana

little Indiana Emails

little Indiana Emails

Sure, I take short videos here and there of the places we visit. But this time, it wasn’t my husband, Jeremy, behind the camera.

It was a totally different experience. I can think back to when I was 9 months pregnant and trying to get little Indiana up and running before giving birth to Kid #2. Really, I felt like a ticking time bomb wondering whether or not I’d meet my self-imposed deadline! But I did.

I remember when I was the only little Indiana Facebook Fan and slooooowly watching it grow from 1 to 20 to 100 and gaining speed–to almost 2,400 now! When I had 10 posts under my belt and posted 2-3  times a week…and now am on the verge of 600 articles posting 1-2 times a day, seven days a week!

Now? I’ve occasionally had the tap on my shoulder and someone saying, “Are you little Indiana?” That depends–are my kids behaving? I’m just kidding.

little Indiana Community

little Indiana Emails

little Indiana Emails

For some reason, you guys don’t like to comment on little Indiana so much as you like to send personal emails. I’ve learned about your families and your towns.

I’ve gotten to know where you grew up and what it was like “back in the day.” I’ve learned why some of you have had to leave before you were ready: jobs, war, family.

Some of your stories really stay with me. It’s like we are neighbors chattering together over a cup of coffee.

That’s why I would love to see little Indiana picked up by a TV network (hello, PBS?). I’d like to continue that conversation and add to it. I’d like to show little Indiana in a whole new light: with video, capturing one small town at a time. Good thing there’s over 3,000 to choose from!

Like my husband says, “We’ll be working on little Indiana until the day we die.Usually he means that in a positive light.

Go There

Show your little Indiana support! “Like” the article on Facebook, “Thumbs Up” the little Indiana in Wabash, Indiana video on YouTube. Share with your friends, your neighbors, heck–share it with the mail carrier.

In the chance that PBS or some other network decides to view our hard work, we’ll let them see that people do care. Because we do! Let’s show off what makes small Indiana towns so great and reach more folks than ever before!

Updated: little Indiana now appears regularly on PBS!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Find pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream or on the new little Indiana Tumblr blog.

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

Wabash, Indiana in Wabash County

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