Jessica Nunemaker on PBS The Weekly Special Vevay Segment

Jessica Nunemaker on PBS The Weekly Special Vevay Segment

What’s not to love about today’s little town? I can’t wait to share my latest find! Catch my tips for a memorable Vevay, Indiana trip on PBS’ The Weekly Special or watch it below.

Vevay is an interesting Indiana town for many reasons: it was the site of the first commercial winery in the United States, it has an adorable downtown, and the history museum here is enormous, well-organized, and offers something for everyone. I can’t wait until you see it all.

This town boasts just over 1600 people, as of the 2010 census. Since it is a river town, it is also an old town. The county was formed in 1814 when Vevay was chosen to be the county seat. It was later incorporated as a town in 1836. The courthouse is unique. I love the dome. It isn’t every day you discover a courthouse that still possesses the original furnishings and has a six-sided privy on the front lawn. I know. That’s something I admit even I wasn’t expecting

PBS Segments Feature One Town at a Time

Jessica Nunemaker Little Indiana on PBS

My short PBS segment highlights one small town every time. I like to really dig into a town, to show you as much as I can in the time I have been allotted. As you might imagine, I sometimes feel as though I barely have time to scratch the surface! That’s where you come in.

With a little luck, I will be able to snag a sponsor which would mean a full length show for you! A whole show devoted to small Indiana towns? That sounds pretty incredible. It would make it so easy for you to really see what a small town has to offer–and to plan your Indiana travel accordingly. But it won’t happen without your help. Please, pass along the sponsorship plea to any businesses that could use a little extra publicity and want to do something good in the process.

If you like what you see in the video, why not let PBS know? I’m sure they would appreciate a nice note. You can contact them right here. Let them know that you would enjoying watching a full episode of Little Indiana. Together, we can make that happen! As always, sharing the website link to among your friends and family are also appreciated.

You can find me in Vevay, Indiana right here, on the PBS website, or on YouTube. There’s always more where that came from. Consider this a nice base to help you make the move from thinking about a weekend destination or vacation to actually planning one. Vevay offers a neat range of activities. I know you will love it.

Have you been to Vevay? What are a few of your favorite activities? Please, let us know in the comments below.  I’d love to read about it!

Watch Vevay on PBS

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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Vevay, Indiana in Switzerland County

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Things to Do in Vevay, Indiana

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