Browsing around inside Scottsburg Antique Mall in Scottsburg, Indiana was pure joy. There is so much here and the pricing is very reasonable. You could honestly spend an hour or two poking around the two levels of this downtown shop.

Scottsburg, Indiana Antique Mall

Scottsburg Indiana Antique Mall

Scottsburg Indiana Antique Mall

Who knew there would be so very many antique shops in Scottsburg, Indiana? It’s hard to know where to begin. Scottsburg Antique Mall on the corner of E McClain and Main Streets right downtown is probably one of the biggest.

In business for more than twenty years, there are rooms and rooms and floors of great Indiana antiques from a whole lot of antique dealers. Expect to spend some time in this Scott County shop. Remember how I mentioned that the buildings downtown are very long? The same goes for this one. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and have ample time to browse. You don’t want to have to run through this one.

Scottsburg, Indiana Antique Shop

Scottsburg Indiana Antique Mall

Scottsburg Indiana Antique Mall

Hats, jewelry, clothing, toys, books, games, furniture…you can find it all here and then some. It is reasonably priced. If I had had room, I would have snagged a dining room table and chairs. They were a wonderful vintage piece for a wonderful price. If you need something for any room in your home, make your way here, first.

Make your way to the second floor and browse the amazing nooks and crannies here. I’d love to know what this neat old building used to be. Is this fun or what? There was such a huge open space that it leaves me wondering if this was used as a ballroom or opera house at some point. I have no idea. But I do know one thing: I could spend the whole day here in this giant Indiana antique store.

This is the way antique shops should be. There’s such a phenomenal mix of glass display cases and  open shelving to pieces of furniture and even clothing. There is nothing you won’t find here. The lead soldiers downstairs are particularly neat. Don’t you want to know who owned them? Who played with them and who made them? Was it a Christmas gift? A birthday present? Just for fun? And, more importantly, why did they end up here?

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Scottsburg, Indiana certainly has no shortage of antique shops but when they are all so different and so much fun…who can resist? Enjoy this peek into the past at the Scottsburg Antique Mall in Scottsburg, Indiana.

You can see the latest news and events on the Scottsburg Antique Mall Facebook Page. You will see highlights of random vintage items from around the shop. It’s an excellent way to keep on top of the latest doings.

Do any of you happen to know the history of the building that houses Scottsburg Antique Mall? I’d love to hear all about it. Please do leave a comment in the section below.

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Scottsburg Antique Mall
4 S Main Street
Scottsburg, IN 47170

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