Have you been through the world’s largest antique mall of the 1980s? Webb Antiques in Centerville, Indiana is one giant building full of, well, everything. What else would you expect out of 85,000 square feet of antiques open since 1981?

Centerville, Indiana: Webb Antiques

Webb Antiques in Centerville, Indiana Vintage Board Games

Webb Antiques in Centerville, Indiana Vintage Board Games

Yes, you read that right: 85,000 square feet of Indiana antiques. It’s hard to picture, isn’t it? I mean, you hear about how great and how giant this place is and that place, but to think that there’s an antique shop with that kind of square footage, well, it’s almost overwhelming.

This building is just full of antiques in all shapes and sizes. That part you can probably imagine. Still, nothing will quite prepare you for the sheer size of the building.

Was it always an antique shop? Nope. This was once an old casket factory, well, you wouldn’t know it now. Booth spaces were built, folks moved in, and there’s a whole lot to see here. In fact, many of the antique vendors have had a space here since 1981–and are still going strong in this small Indiana town business. There are 500 booth spaces here. Can you imagine that? It’s astounding.

Centerville, Indiana Antique Shop

Webb Antiques in Centerville, Indiana Exterior

Webb Antiques in Centerville, Indiana Exterior

You will pull into a massive parking lot. From the outside, you can tell that it’s big.  There’s room for half the town here, I do believe. When you head inside, it doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s the biggest antique shop you have ever been in–until you start to walk it. Then, it makes sense why there are signs pointing the way to the public restrooms or to the exit.

Vintage bottles in all shapes, sizes, and even colors sat in neat rows in one booth. Another booth boasted stained glass pieces. Yet another had old toys and games. Still another had nothing but vintage tools. There were some flea market type items in-between.

A stack of neat old bricks with a star pattern on them were available to purchase. Candlesticks were the main item at another both. And with 500 dealer booths…well, you can imagine the kind of variety found inside Webb Antiques.

It’s a good thing there are exit signs above or I think it would be way too easy to get lost in this large space. 

Edited to Add: Since my first visit, Webb’s Antiques has since changed hands, and has been rebranded as the Centerville Antique Mall. Booths have been tied, flooring has been replaced, and the exterior has been painted. The new Centerville Antique Mall looks fresh and better than ever.

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Plan Your Centerville, Indiana Trip

Plan Your Centerville, Indiana Trip

What you may not know is that Webb Antiques is one of many stops along Indiana’s Antique Trail that flows all over Wayne County. Look for this and plenty of other great shops all around Wayne County. You’ll need plenty of time to explore Webb Antiques in Centerville, Indiana.

See the latest news and deals with a follow on the Centerville Antique Mall Facebook Page.

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Webb Antiques, now known as Centerville Antique Mall
200 W Union Street
Centerville, IN 47330
Seven Days a Week: 10 AM – 6 PM
As always, please call ahead to verify hours before making a special trip.

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