Franco's Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana

Franco’s Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana

We asked Madison, Indiana locals for a good breakfast spot and they quickly steered us to Franco’s Family Restaurant. Of course we took their advice. We’ve learned a thing or two in the years that we’ve traveled Indiana.

As a local mom and pop Italian restaurant, we couldn’t wait to see how this Jefferson County restaurant handled breakfast given the high praise we heard.

Franco’s Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana

Francos Family Restaurant Madison Indiana Breakfast

Franco’s Family Restaurant in Madison Indiana: Breakfast Features Homemade Bread and Pastries

Now this was a comfortable place to start the day. We sat right by the front window so we could see the bustling Indiana town while dining. What a pleasant spot to welcome in the morning. Downtown Madison is so beautiful, I would never tire of that view.

Beginning our breakfast was easy. Pastries, baked just that day, were certainly a must. We would never have thought that Franco’s would make their own pastries! How awesome is that?

They were flaky and oh-so delicious! Nothing tastes better on a chilly morning than a cup of coffee with a fresh pastry. That’s certainly my favorite way to start the day.

Madison, Indiana Restaurant

Franco's Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana

Franco’s Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana

But there’s more than pastry on the menu at Franco’s Family Restaurant! Serving breakfast and dinner, this authentic Italian restaurant specializes in homemade items that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Besides homemade baked goods like Bear Claws, Apple or Cherry Turnovers, Muffins, and Danish in an assortment of flavors, they also serve a homemade white or wheat Ciabatta bread, French baguette, and croissant! Oh, my goodness. No wonder it smelled awesome in there.

I can tell you first hand that the breakfast sandwiches served on homemade Ciabatta bread are absolutely amazing. My husband, Jeremy, went for the Mediterranean sandwich: Mushrooms, Spinach, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Egg, and Deli Sliced ham. I kept it simple with Ham, Egg, and Cheese on homemade Wheat Ciabatta. My word. That is excellent! There’s a slight crispness to the exterior of the bread, then it’s soft, and…now I am hungry all over again.

Great Food at Franco’s Family Restaurant

Franco's Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana

Franco’s Family Restaurant in Madison, Indiana

We were so very satisfied with our meal! It’s unusual to find a restaurant in an Indiana town that still makes their own bread. Every single thing we had was done very, very well. You can probably tell that by the images alone.

Definitely give Franco’s Family  Restaurant a go the next time you find yourself toodling around during your Indiana town travels, and find yourself nearby lovely Jefferson County. There is seating for plenty, including large groups, so try to avoid prime meal times if you want to get in and out of there a little faster.

See what’s cookin’. Follow Franco’s Family Restaurant on Facebook. There, you can see if there are any special events or a change in hours (they do tend to close near mid to late December). As always, call ahead before making a special trip.


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Franco’s Family Restaurant
119 E Main Street
Madison, IN 47250

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