Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana

Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana

In need of a table or amazing works of art by Indiana artisans? Then Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana is the place for you.

This downtown Madison business handcrafts the most incredible tables I have ever seen. Have you been there yet?

Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana

Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana

Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana

We had to get in. Sometimes, I’m already in a small town when I find something I hadn’t expected to find–and then have to hope, hope, HOPE that the shop owner’s hours will line up with mine.

I thought I had had everything planned out. Travel and planning don’t always go together too well. I thought I had covered everything in the days I’d already spent there. The four of us had walked absolutely everywhere. We’d questioned locals, eaten a ton of great food, and enjoyed every second of our visit.

When I saw something about Madison Tableworks, I couldn’t believe I had almost missed it! I immediately called on Saturday. I had to get there–could we make it? Would they be open? I was really hoping the answer would be “Yes!”

Fortunately, I was assured that someone would be there at the agreed upon time. Just gazing at the outside of this fine building, you can imagine how anxious I was to make my way in. Isn’t that an attractive exterior? So, we went to Franco’s Family Restaurant for breakfast, visited a church in Madison (wonderful service, by the way–funny and fun), and then scuttled over to the handmade table shop. WOW.

Handmade Tables in Madison

Plan a Madison Indiana Trip

Plan a Madison Indiana Trip

I have never seen anything so amazing in one place. So,  this building was once a wagon factory! At least it provides plenty of room. I love that it’s still being used for something handmade. It’s fitting.

All shapes and sizes, this Jefferson County shop works with the wood to ensure that each piece highlights the natural beauty of the wood. Each handmade item is different from the next but they all share an astounding attention to detail. They are constructed to fit your space and your needs. You will leave the shop knowing you will get the best possible table for you.

It’s impossible not to run your hands along them. They are so smooth. It is the best-smelling shop in the world. That’s not all. On walls, on tables, and on shelving lie pieces from Indiana artists. Glass, jewelry, baskets, and so very much more.

Indiana Artists Work Available

Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana

Madison Table Works in Madison, Indiana Carries Artisan Products

There are many recognizable names here. There are no “so-so” pieces here. Everything is absolutely stunning. The showroom is amazing, the Indiana artists’ work is incredible, and the tables–whoa, buddy. The tables are pieces of functional art themselves.

From rough-sawn tables to “artistic” tables to the “wow” table, you’ll find just what you need. Think of all the important discussions, big holiday dinners, and everyday moments that have happened at your dining or kitchen table. Shouldn’t you have one that is heirloom quality and built to last?

To find out the latest news, follow Madison Tableworks on Facebook.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Madison Table Works
325 E Main Street
Madison, IN 47250

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