The Art of George Ames Aldrich by Wendy Greenhouse

The Art of George Ames Aldrich by Wendy Greenhouse

The Art of George Ames Aldrich with essays by Wendy Greenhouse is an illuminating look at this prolific Midwest artist.

George Ames Aldrich (1871–1941) is known for his impressionist style art.

Book Review: The Art of George Ames Aldrich by Wendy Greenhouse

Rustic scenes or inflated self-promoter, the artist is regionally known for his talented works.

What’s very interesting to me is that so much of what was determined to be true about George Ames Aldrich’s life was completely fictional!

This Hoosier artist may have spent some time in Europe but, according to intense research done by Wendy Greenhouse, he greatly inflated the amount of time he spent there–as well as his supposed Internationally-exhibited and collected artist!

The truth is…well, not exactly. His work is certainly revered in regional circles but as to his thirty years in Europe? The fact is, he spent somewhere a bit closer to six years, on and off. In the days before the internet and social media, that kind of stunt would have been easier to pull off!

Artist George Ames Aldrich

George Aldrich certainly traveled around! He lived in Europe, Indiana, and the Chicago area.  He wanted to be known for his technique in painting flowing water.

Rifle through the pages of The Art of George Ames Aldrich by Wendy Greenhouse and you can’t help but appreciate his talent! Rustic barns or houses sit near streams. An old stone bridge crosses a river that’s flanked by washerwomen.

There’s pages and pages of one gorgeous landscape after another. The full-color images are a joy to view! But there’s another side to George Ames Aldrich’s work–that of steel mills and raging fire and billowing smoke.

Indiana Artist

This is another beautiful book that would be a fabulous addition to the library of any art-lover or history buff.

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