Family Game Night Picks: Feed the Kitty by Gamewright

Family Game Night Picks: Feed the Kitty by Gamewright

When it’s time for family game night, you will love these games for family! If there’s young kids aged three all the way to adults, these are games we personally possess and play again and again and again.

We never “let” our boys win. We like them to really FEEL the victory and hope that it helps them to become more gracious losers in the long run. Some of the board games I have listed are traditional win and lose type of games while others are cooperative games, where everyone works together to meet a common goal.

Either way, they just about guarantee a successful family game night and some real family bonding time. That’s win/win for sure! Find them at an Indiana toy store near you! I’ve included the Amazon links below (you know I love to keep wishlists for shopping locally). Please know that these are Affiliate links so I do receive a small sum if you choose to purchase using the link.

Best Family Game Night Board Games

Ravensburger Penguin Pile – Up – Children’s Game— Can you put a penguin on the iceberg without knocking off the other penguins? If you can’t, whatever penguins you knock off become yours. First person “out” wins! Great for developing fine motor skills in younger kids and still challenging for adults. I think this would also make a great game to set out, ready to play, when you have a group of people over. It is surprisingly tricky!

Break the Safe Game— Each and every game is exactly twenty minutes long.  You will work together as a team, trying to gain access to different rooms in this secret warehouse without the guard dog or the guard catching you first! It’s a ton of fun and, yes, even a four year old can play it with help from older kids and adults. We love to break out this great family board game after dinner! The last five minutes is very, very intense!

Feed The Kitty— A great range of ages have played and enjoyed this game! From those aged three to adults, and yes, even the teenagers, everyone loves this game! Why wouldn’t they? It’s easy, games go quickly, and even if you get “out,” you can still jump back in! Roll the dice, follow the result, and try not to feed the kitty with your mice. It sounds simple, and it is. It’s also great fun.

Peaceable Kingdom / Hoot Owl Hoot! Award Winning Cooperative Game for Kids— You wouldn’t think a game that doesn’t involve reading and that’s geared for preschoolers and young children could be entertaining, but depending on the age of your group, there’s a little bit of strategy involved! It’s a great game for family game night because you work as a team. Try to get the owl back to their nest before morning by drawing color cards and moving them appropriately along the path. Just don’t grab a sun card! One too many suns and the game is over!

Family Game Night, Made Easy

Since it seems as though we’ve been trapped inside much more than usual this winter, this slew of games can help pass the time. Please, use a local game store or toy shop to make your purchases whenever possible.

Keep on the lookout for more of our favorite board games in the weeks to come.

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