Sweetland of Liberty by Donna Cronk

Sweetland of Liberty Bed and Breakfast by Donna Cronk

Sweetland of Liberty Bed and Breakfast by Indiana author Donna Cronk is mostly set in a small Indiana town.

Samantha Jarrett has always played it safe–until a series of setbacks leave her reeling and lost!

Sweetland of Liberty Bed and Breakfast by Donna Cronk

After the death of her husband, Samantha goes through some semblance of living for the next two years. Unexpected job loss shakes her out of her grief and forces her to take action and motivates her to regain control of her life!

What does she decide? To leave life in the big city and to head back to (fictional) Freedom, Indiana, buy the house that has always caught her eye (and, really, everyone else’s in town), and turn it into a bed and breakfast.

She doesn’t have much of a plan. In fact, she panics about her rash decision, what she will tell her friends, and, even worse, what she will tell her two grown sons.

Everyone that knows her has mixed feelings about her new and unexpected venture. Is it a latent mid-life crisis? Is it some sort of old age condition (even though Samantha is in her 50’s)? Samantha isn’t too sure herself!

Indiana Bed and Breakfast

While Samantha expects to be welcomed with open arms, living away from her hometown for awhile has also made her forget the way a small town sometimes works: change is not always readily accepted.

Still, with the opening of a reservoir in the town that is sure to draw in tourists, and feeling like it is a part of God’s plan, Samantha throws herself into readying the large, old home. Cleaning, decorating, baking, marketing…there’s a lot on her plate!

Unfortunately, she didn’t count on a few very vocal, very opinionated members of the community trying to throw a wrench in her bed and breakfast plans. They see Samantha as “too showy.” They don’t understand her and they certainly dislike the thought of her swooping in and purchasing the largest property in town.

But Samantha has played it safe for too long and is in too deep to turn back now!

Indiana Author Donna Cronk

Sweetland of Liberty Bed and Breakfast by Donna Cronk looks the way a book should look! A self-published title, the cover alone is gorgeous and fitting for what is inside. It is everything a self-published book cover should be but, unfortunately, very often isn’t. It’s a very good clue to the attention to detail that surrounds this book–both inside and out.

Sweetland of Liberty Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful, easy read. As I worked my way through the book, I almost cringed when I saw how nearer I got to the end! I loved the list of resources at the back of the book: the Bible verses that are sprinkled throughout the book and the recipes mentioned inside (including “Good-as-Gold Granola). What a fun and unexpected touch!

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