There are some people out there who may believe that those who work in Indiana museums (and beyond) lack a sense of humor. This video, made by the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, for entry into the International Museum Dance-Off, proves just the opposite.

The Indiana State Museum and State Historic Sites in Indianapolis, Indiana has reached the semi-finals. Currently competing in a match-up between the National Museum of Sculpture (Museo Nacional de Escultura), you have just until tomorrow, Saturday, June 14, 2014, 8 AM EST to cast your votes.

It’s super easy. Just head to the “When You Work at a Museum” website, click the button for Indiana State Museum, and you are done! When I cast my vote, the results were currently 50%, 50%! Every vote counts. Feel like sharing? Use the hashtag: #museumdanceoff across your social networks and help show THE WORLD that there’s more than corn in Indiana…which includes plenty of fun-loving folks.

Indiana State Museum Enters International Museum Dance-Off Semi-Finals