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Jessica Nunemaker Indiana Travel Writer

Welcome to Little Indiana

We are all busy, aren’t we? It seems as though there is little time to unplug and reconnect. Taking a big vacation once or twice a year isn’t cutting it. Fortunately, there’s a better option.

Meet Indiana. Oh, yes. I know. You live here or have driven through here or had a college roommate who knew someone who lived here.

But chances are you haven’t really seen it. At least, not in the way it should be seen.

It might be hard to believe but: Indiana is more than cornfields and race tracks and sports team.

Sure, we’re proud of all of that. It’s a part of our heritage.

But there is more to being a Hoosier. We all want something different, new, and exciting to see, do, and discover.

This is my way of exploring my own backyard. You can tag along for the ride.

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I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.