Route 10 Bar and Grill in North Judson, Indiana

Route 10 Bar and Grill in North Judson, Indiana

When I stopped and asked a random person on the street in North, Judson, Indiana where to head for lunch, they quickly responded Route 10 Bar and Grill!

So, based off a young man’s suggestion who said “everything is good at Route 10,” it should be easy to guess where we ventured next.

Route 10 Bar and Grill in North Judson, Indiana

Right on the main road in this small Indiana town, there is one entrance directly to the bar and one for family dining so, with the kid in tow, we headed to family dining.

Very, very small…I don’t think there were even 15 tables, maybe not even 12, but business at the Route 10 Bar and Grill was absolutely steady.

Surrounded by mostly Chicago-land sport memorabilia (go Bears!), large, wall-mounted flat screen TV, and a big fish tank in the corner, the kid had plenty to look at, and I could see why a young, high school to college-aged guy would dig the atmosphere. Added bonus: the waitress was really nice and not only talked to the kid, she actually pointed out various fish, etc. in the tank, making a friend out of him for life, I do believe.

North Judson, Indiana Restaurant

Of course, I had to check out the restrooms in this Northern Indiana restaurant, and when I turned the corner, there was a very large group of Amish teens! I walked right past the (very tidy) restroom I was so surprised. One of the Amish ladies nicely pointed it out to me. Oops.

Hubby and I both ordered the Philly Steak Sandwich, fries, and potato salad  (I hate when we do that!) and the kid got a hot dog, fries, and a little cup of Jell-o. Everyone was pleased with their order. But after peeking at the meal of the bikers next to us…whew! Those mile-high burgers looked fantastic! Next time–I’m getting a burger!

For dessert: well, I was hoping for some yummy pie, but all they happened to have left was Turtle Cheesecake.  I just wasn’t feeling it, and since I wasn’t exactly hungry anyway, I passed.

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We were satisfied with Route 10 Bar and Grill in North Judson, Indiana but it might be a good idea to call ahead if there are members under 21 in your group, just to make sure there is enough room for everyone. This Starke County restaurant has limited seating.

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Route 10 Bar and Grill
613 West Talmer Avenue
North Judson, Indiana 46366

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