Kintner House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Corydon, Indiana

Kintner House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Corydon, Indiana

Who doesn’t love the thought of an overnight stay at the Kintner House Inn in Corydon, Indiana?

This historic Harrison County home turned bed and breakfast boasts fifteen rooms!

Kintner House Inn in Corydon, Indiana

This is quite the Indiana bed and breakfast! With the motto, “The Hideaway for Romantics” we were worried we wouldn’t be able to stay–we had our boys with us. They accept children so we settled in for the night.

We were put in the Squire Boone Room located at the top of the handsome staircase. Spacious is one word to describe it. With a fireplace, two canopy full-sized beds, and various antiques (including a giant armoire), you could also call it really cozy. Our kids loved the high-sitting beds–well, they loved to play under them!

For those of you that haven’t been in old homes before, well, they just don’t make them like they used to. You would think it would be noisy being so close to the street but…you can’t hear it. At all.

I found it all rather inspiring so my husband, Jeremy, dug out the small table in our room and set it up next to the window (and the plug-in). When I got up at the crack of dawn, I was able to little Indiana it up right then and there. I do so love a change of location.

Corydon, Indiana Bed and Breakfast

Kintner House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Corydon, Indiana

Kintner House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Corydon, Indiana

Here’s the part of the post where I arouse your interest in Indiana history because Kintner House Inn has certainly got it! After the Battle of Corydon on July 9, 1863, General Morgan made Kintner House Inn his headquarters! He learned of the defeat at Gettysburg from the innkeepers daughter, Sallie (very much a Northern supporter!). Though the original Inn was lost to fire in 1871: You know Hoosiers. Ever persistent, Jacob Kintner, the owner, made plans to rebuild.

When the doors opened to the public in 1873, it was to a larger, grander inn in a new location–the same one it is today! Kintner House Inn was thought to be the leading hotel in Harrison County until Jacob passed away in 1880. His daughter, Sallie, took over operations but after her death in 1922, it fell into various hands and purposes. This once well-known hotel became a beauty shop, a doctor’s office, a watchmaker’s office, and even, at one point, a utility office.

It fell into terrible disrepair, so when a group of men purchased the Inn in 1986, they completely refurbished the entire home–inside and out! It was added to the National Register of Historic Places. After lots of fixing and decorating, more than sixty years since the Inn had stopped being an Inn, it opened its doors to guests once again.

Today, you will enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the cozy dining room. With our boys in mind, the innkeeper thoughtfully served bacon and eggs. Of course, there was also fruit, various breads, and even warm biscuits to nibble on. Our coffee was served in teacups. Delicate, fragile floral teacups. The kind of things that do not see the light of day in our home–at least until our two boys are older. One of the teacups was just like the one my grandmother had sitting in her china cabinet many years ago.

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Kintner House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Corydon, Indiana

Kintner House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Corydon, Indiana

No matter what room you are in at the Kintner House Inn, you are sure to find yourself surrounded by antiques.

The location couldn’t be better–it’s on a corner lot in this bustling Indiana town. So convenient for popping out and grabbing coffee or exploring one of the many shops in town! We had a lovely stay and greatly enjoyed our time at Kintner House Inn in Corydon, Indiana!

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Kintner House Inn
101 S. Capitol Avenue
Corydon, Indiana 47112

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