Leavenworth, Indiana: Stephenson's General Store

Leavenworth, Indiana: Stephenson’s General Store

I popped my head in at Stephenson’s General Store in Leavenworth, Indiana to see if there was anything I could grab for us to eat in the car.

Instead, I went back to the car to grab the family–this Crawford County general store was too cool not to share!

Stephenson’s General Store in Leavenworth, Indiana

Stephenson’s General Store is incredible! Over 100 years old, it has gorgeous wood counters and cabinets. Four generations of Stephenson’s ran this store until 2008. Stephenson’s survived the Depression, wars, and recession by helping each other out when needed.

Made from the wood of the original store that was flooded back in 1937, when the town was just about wiped out, there’s a lot of Indiana history here. Two years later, locals purchase Stephenson’s and reopen. It’s a fantastic look at how Grandma used to shop!

As interesting as the history of Stephenson’s may be, it’s the things inside and on top of those antique wooden counters and cabinets that quietly invited us to stay awhile. Candy, toys, games, grocery items, photos from the ’37 flood, there’s even a deli here! Bottles of Coca-Cola cool off in a large open freezer. Locals chit-chat at the tables. It’s small town living at its finest.

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Leavenworth, Indiana: Stephenson's General Store Greek Salad

Leavenworth, Indiana: Stephenson’s General Store Greek Salad

Since our original goal was to eat, we figured we’d better stop rifling through the glass marbles for sale and order some food before the kids realized they were starving.

What a great menu! There were sandwiches and salads and hot items as well. With Greek salads on the menu, though, I couldn’t resist. My husband, Jeremy, went for the Breaded Cod Fish Sandwich. The kids dug in to a big bowl of Mac n’ Cheese and a deli sandwich. It was good!

I have since heard that their Hoagie Sandwiches are awesome. That’s definitely on my list for next time. You know me and sandwiches!

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Leavenworth, Indiana: Stephenson's General Store

Leavenworth, Indiana: Stephenson’s General Store Ledger

If you’ve never made it into a general store like Stephenson’s General Store in Leavenworth, Indiana before, this is what it’s all about.

An Indiana town community gathering place and retailer all in one. But more than that, these are the ties in which a community is bound. Folks looking out for each other, leaning on each other when times get hard. It’s not always the bottom line–it’s about helping a community stay on its feet.

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Stephenson’s General Store
618 West State Road 62
Leavenworth, Indiana 47137

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