Two Cookin' Sisters in Brookston, Indiana

Two Cookin’ Sisters in Brookston, Indiana

Two Cookin’ Sisters in Brookston, Indiana are known for a few things: delicious, delicious foods and sassy gift baskets.

These two sisters combined their culinary and marketing know-how for their White County shop. Hey, they’ve even been featured in Midwest Living Magazine!

Two Cookin’ Sisters in Brookston, Indiana

Two Cookin' Sisters in Brookston, Indiana

Two Cookin’ Sisters in Brookston, Indiana

When little Indiana and family walked in, they were putting away product fresh from canning–the jars were still warm! Two Cookin Sisters was hard at work producing new, fresh stock for their shelves. In fact, it was their mother who was working in the kitchen. Wow did it smell wonderful in there.

It’s hard to take photos when you are distracted by the goodness. Shelves and shelves of unique items for sale. They had a smattering of amazing Indiana-themed linens and home decor tucked in among the gift basket displays and Indiana-made pastas, popcorn, and other gifts.

Two Cookin’ Sisters has a whole line of jams, jellies, relishes, and then some. Think of any flavor and they probably have it. If it can be jarred, you will likely find it here. They also carry the one product that started it all: Big Sister Salsa.

Brookston, Indiana Shopping

The sisters first revealed their signature product back in 2001 at the Apple and Popcorn Festival held each year in Brookston, Indiana. This is a huge festival. It was a big risk. No one wants to be the booth that doesn’t get any traffic or to have people walk by. But they had nothing to worry about. Their salsa was a hit–and it definitely still is today.

After receiving such a positive response–the sisters knew they had a good thing going. They got to work. 

They’ve greatly expanded upon their original product. Now they are whipping out a great variety of fresh flavors. I love that even mom helps out. Now that’s a family business.

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Two Cookin' Sisters in Brookston, Indiana

Two Cookin’ Sisters in Brookston, Indiana

This shop is packed full of Indiana made and produced goods. From ketchup to salsa and jams to Indiana maple syrup–it’s all here. Everything is so nicely organized. I know you will be so surprised by this downtown Brookston shop.

I’m excited to see Indiana products receive the attention they deserve. Hoosiers are making all sorts of unique and yummy items. We’re kind of known for our good home-cooking. It’s wonderful to see a shop that strives to carry them.

You can follow along in the adventures of Two Cookin’ Sisters on Facebook or at their website (link below).

EDITED TO ADD 12/13/2015: The storefront and production kitchen in downtown Brookston has closed due to the health of a family member. Big Sister Salsa will still be available for wholesale and retail.

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Two Cookin’ Sisters
210 South Prairie Street
Brookston, Indiana 47923

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