Sublette's Ribs: Monticello, Indiana Exterior

Sublette’s Ribs: Monticello, Indiana Exterior

Sublette’s Ribs in Monticello, Indiana is known by locals as THE place to go for commercial smoked goodness.

My husband, Jeremy, and I had to see what all the noise was about–and headed out to this White County barbecue restaurant.

Sublette’s Ribs in Monticello, Indiana

Sublette's Ribs: Monticello, Indiana

Sublette’s Ribs: Monticello, Indiana

Feast your eyes on this appealing menu. A Southern Barbecue Sandwich, a Whole Hog Sandwich, marinated pork that’s slow cooked for ten hours, and a killer Pork Tenderloin sandwich said to be the size of your head.

With choices like that, and the yummy smells from the commercial smoker, it took me a minute or two before I pounded on the Brisket. This one is slow cooked for eighteen hours–and had my name on it.

We also couldn’t bypass the appetizer sampler. Fried Pickles are always a win for me. I barely had any room after I claimed dibs on the Buffalo Chicken and Fried Pickles in our appetizer. But I pressed on. Research, remember?

My husband ordered the half a chicken. It was okay. We both agreed that my Brisket was the better choice. So tender. Besides, when you are at a restaurant that smokes their own meat, you have to go with the barbecue.

Monticello, Indiana Barbecue Joint

Sublette's Ribs: Monticello, Indiana

Sublette’s Ribs: Monticello, Indiana

Man oh man, do I love a good brisket sandwich. That was incredible.

This is a great laid-back kind of place. Something that I really, really liked to see (and have never seen before) was the large toy box full of kid stuff in the dining room by the front window. What an awesome idea.

With a whole lot of seating in that area, kids have a bit of room to explore the contents while remaining under watchful eyes. I would love to see more small businesses take this idea and run with it. I know it would take the pressure off of entertaining the rugrats–and let parents actually have conversations without frequent interruption. It would be a win for everyone.

We even managed to bump into someone we knew and Monticello is not even our small town! I guess that goes to show that it’s a great enough place to eat that it truly does attract people from all over the area.

Must Love Barbecue

Things to Do in Monticello, IndianaAs barbecue goes, well, Indiana is really smoking! If you have never made it in to one of these unique mom and pop restaurants, you have absolutely got to add Sublette’s Ribs in Monticello to your “must eat” list of barbecue restaurants in Indiana.

Oh, and get the Brisket Sandwich. It is delicious. I can’t recommend that cut of meat more. Bring the kids. They are always up for eating out and this time you won’t even have to pack an extra bag full of things to do.

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Sublette’s Ribs
924 N 6th Street
Monticello, IN 47960

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