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Indiana Bloggers: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web 3/2/2013 – 3/9/2013

Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web!
Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web!

I thought it would be fun to highlight one article each week from the Hoosier bloggers you know and love. You know, previously Featured little Indiana Bloggers!

Of course, the content and the blogs featured will vary. Yet–with over fifty Featured Indiana Bloggers, I think that guarantees at least something that will catch your fancy.

Are you an Indiana blogger? If you would like to be featured on little Indiana, please let me know via email (with subject: Indiana Blog) or in the comments below. Now, let’s get caught up with what our Hoosier bloggers were doing this week!

Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Blogger Updates

The categories may change each week but look for the bold-faced category items to easily navigate to the topics you prefer.


Everyday Mom’s Meals: Mr. Everyday’s Suggestion — An email from this Hoosier’s husband contained a recipe for Apple Pie in an Apple recipe.

Goodeness Gracious: Recipe Round-up: Recipes Ready in Under an Hour – A handful of recipes from the blogger’s friends: from dinner to dessert!


Tales from the Coop Keeper: Dream a Little Dream — Tom Petty is dead, the horse is hurt, and someone from Kokomo eats beans. It’s one long (kind of funny) dream from this Hoosier blogger.

Marian Allen: Guess Who’s in PRINT? — A new book in print is big excitement for this Indiana author!

Sketching Brad: Somewhere Beyond the Sea – It’s a sketch of a man and the sea. It might have a lonely feel but it’s in a good way. Know what I mean, Vern?

Granola Mom 4 God: Moonlight Masquerade: A Review – A historical fiction book review.

Just like the Number: Breaking Up with Peyton Manning: One Year Later – Football obsessed blogger Angie can’t get Peyton out of her mind.

Jean’s Boots are Made for Talking: Love for the Original — A birthday celebration–and a plea for letters and cards to be sent to this Hoosier’s grandmother.

Sarah in Real Life: I Wear Your Grandma’s Clothes, I Look Incredible — Giving those items way far back in the closest one last wear before Spring arrives.


Historic Indianapolis: Family Tree: Maiden Names – Tips to help you find that missing female maiden name.

Arrows Sent Forth: Road Trip Tip: Plan a Picnic — Mild temps? Make it easy on the kiddos with a well-planned picnic break!


Tales from the Coop Keeper: A Month of Giveaways – Recovering from the winter blahs (and sinus stuff) has prompted this Hoosier to gift her readers with stuff!

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