During our stroll through Morgantown, Indiana, the Antique Cooperation sign read “closed.” The shop windows were so full of fabulous furniture and items, that I really wanted in. I was so disappointed for a minute–but then I saw someone moving inside. Not one to resist a great Indiana town shop, I knocked on the door, and I begged the lady inside to let me in to take pics. I am not above banging on a door and hollering.

Antique Co-op in Morgantown, Indiana

Antique Coop in Morgantown, Indiana

Antique Coop in Morgantown, Indiana

I’m only kidding. I didn’t holler. Not too loud, anyway. It was worth feeling a little foolish. I am glad that I didn’t miss this Morgan County antique shop. You won’t want to miss it either.

Located in what was once an old hardware shop, it still holds the tall ladder on rails. Today, though, the shelves hold vintage dishware and books, old advertising, and various odds and ends. It is such a neat touch. I am so happy that they left the ladder and shelving in place, and found a way to not only work around it, but to work it in to the design of the shop.

From furniture to light fixtures, Antique Cooperative really shines. Head to the back of the shop for even more fun items. See what I mean? It is almost overflowing. This is the kind of antique shop you want when you say, “I feel like hunting for antiques today.”

Morgantown, Indiana Antique Shop

Antique Coop in Morgantown, Indiana

Antique Coop in Morgantown, Indiana

Would you believe that this shop hasn’t even been in Morgantown, Indiana for a year yet? Believe me when I say that it is packed with neat things. I would have thought it had been here for decades. It has that sort of look to it. Isn’t that the best kind?

There are a lot of different vendors and each one seems to have a different focus as to what Indiana antiques they stock. Lamps, glasses, buttons…you name it, it’s probably here somewhere.

This is just the sort of shop I love: there’s history in this building in many different ways. Check out the informational sign in the front of it to learn more about the story behind the building.

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Happily, I did get a chance to say “hey” to the owner–he had been out picking up new old things to stock in his shop and had the back of his vehicle packed to prove it.

Morgantown is really quite an unusual Indiana town. You would never expect to see such a diverse selection of shops. Add Antique Cooperation in Morgantown, Indiana to your “must visit” list. You won’t regret it.

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Antique Cooperative
129 W Washington Street
Morgantown, IN 46160

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