Stylish clothing and accessories are easy to find if you happen to be near Sisters Boutique in Salem, Indiana. The storefront caught my eye. When you enter, it is incredible. There are clothes here to fit a multitude of styles and a variety of ages. They do have a common theme: top quality. No one wants a top that will fall apart after being washed once or twice. The clothes at Sisters are made by popular designers. They look great and feel fabulous.

Sisters Women’s Boutique in Salem

Sisters Women's Boutique in Salem, Indiana

Sisters Women’s Boutique in Salem, Indiana

This women’s boutique specializes in name brand items from head to toe. Now this is one colorful and fun place to browse. They have all of the latest brands. You will see labels from JAG, Brighton, Ivy Jane, Fresh Produce, Yellow Box, 147 Million Orphans, Tribal, Uncle Frank, Virginia Taylor, and then some.

Dresses, tunics, boots, shoes, flip flops, headbands, earrings, handmade hair barrettes, necklaces, sweaters, blouses–they have everything at Sisters amazing boutique. Don’t live close enough but see something you need on their social networking website? At the time of this writing, they will even ship it to you. Fees will vary accordingly, of course.

If you look carefully, you may catch one of their fashion shows. It sounds like a neat event! You can go, have dinner at Christie’s (which is located right next door), and then watch the new seasonal styles parade down the runway. Who doesn’t enjoy the first look of the latest incoming items? There is a small fee and an RSVP required, so look for it when the season’s are close to changing.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Shoe Rush

Sisters Women's Boutique in Salem, Indiana

Sisters Women’s Boutique in Salem, Indiana: Headbands

When you see the latest display of shoes from Yellow Box on Facebook, you can bet that everyone is getting in there with their zoom function, trying to see what it is–and how much it costs. It’s a mad shoe rush! I would be a part of that crowd. After all, being able to find shoes you love in your own small town isn’t all that common.

Shoes that you know will last, are from a family-owned shop, and are name-brand, aren’t particularly easy to find. It also shows how lucky this town is to have something as nice as this boutique is. Small town doesn’t mean we lack a sense of fashion–and that is definitely evident when you step inside this bustling Salem, Indiana boutique.

Don’t miss a moment. Be sure to follow Sisters in Salem on Facebook and you will know the latest store sales, fashion shows, and get to see sneak peeks of the latest ensembles.

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35 Public Square
Salem, IN 47167
Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 3 PM
As always, please call ahead to verify hours before making a special trip.

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