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Recently, we noticed a business who posted something to the effect of “We’re on Google+. Now what?” Of course, they posted this on Facebook and no one there had any clue.

Little Indiana Call for City Writers

Little Indiana Call for City Writers

It’s interesting that people still think of Facebook and Google+ as competitors. While they are certainly both social media platforms, I’ve long though that Facebook and Google+ have vastly different uses. In fact, I think that Google+ is the more important place for your business to be.

Google+ has more influence on search results, better search functionality and lets you interact with prospective clients right from the start. Plus, since no other businesses are really using it, you get to be one of the pioneers of the platform. So when everyone jumps on the band wagon in two years, you’ll already have staked your claim.

How to Use Google+

All that said, how DO you actually use Google+ for business?

  1.  Find Great People through Great Search Terms Google is a renowned search engine. So it’s no surprise that their social platform also has some great search functionality. This gives you the ability to find others through a variety of search terms. For instance, if you sell hot tubs, you may use terms like “Jacuzzi, pool, and spa” to find people on other platforms. On Google+ you can take that one step further to search for “chlorine, pool chemicals, skimmer” and more. Thinking of all the ways people could be talking about your product will give you more ways to find your target market.
  2. Share Relevant Content Like any other social platform, Google+ is a great place to showcase your expertise. Post content that show you know your business and makes you a resource for potential clients.
  3. Get Local Because of Google’s great search functionality, it’s easy to find people in your area. Posting information on local events, connecting with G+ users in your area will not only help your business, it will make G+ vastly more interesting.
  4. Ask Questions Google+ is a wealth of information. Asking questions is a great way to meet people and learn more about virtually any subject you wish. When I look for the dates of books that I’m waiting to hear release dates for, people on Google+ answer my questions. Lucky for me, they find my questions because they used great search terms.
  5. Be Consistent Having a consistent presence on Google+ makes you seem more reliable. Even more importantly, it gives people more ways to find you. Every post gives people ways to find you in search.

Google+ is a great way to get your business started on social media. It’s search function alone makes it a powerful tool for you to find potential customers and for them to find you. Are you in?

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