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4 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog and Social Media Accounts

Little Indiana Call for City WritersEli Rose Social Media specializes in helping small businesses optimize their online presence. They offer everything from search engine optimization to easy to understand training to ongoing social media management. Every Tuesday, they offer insights to the readers of Little Indiana on how to use the internet and social media to build their online brand. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Now that you’ve taken your business online, whether it’s a Facebook fan page or a blog, you need to let people know how to find you. This can seem tough to do and can take some time.

However, there are a few simple ways that your numbers can grow without much work on your end. Be sure when setting up your accounts to use these four strategies.

How To Promote Your Blog and Social Media Accounts

Friends and Family

It’s not unusual for business owners to be wary of inviting their friends and family to like them on social media and blogging platforms. However, these are people who want to see you succeed. Why not let them know where they can find you online? There’s no other circumstance where you would ignore your most loyal customers, so why ignore the people who love you and your business the most? After all, business communication is personal. So go ahead and let your personal contacts know where to find you.

Existing Customers

Surely you’ve got a list of customers with whom you’ve done business at one time or another. These are important people to inform of your online presence. This can help remind them of how much they loved working with you. Additionally, they’re in a great position to provide recommendations and reviews so potential customers know how fantastic you are too.

Email Signature

An email signature should give your correspondents every contact method you have. Make it as easy as possible for them. This is no longer limited to your brick and mortar address either. Wisestamp is a great tool to create a professional signature in your email that includes all of your relevant social media accounts and web address. Email signatures can also drive traffic directly from your email to your website or blog.

Printed Signage

It is highly likely that you have a number of printed pieces for your businesses. This may include business cards, postcards, and flyers. All of these pieces should have your social media accounts and your website listed. Ours lists @EliRoseSocial right alongside our phone number. This means anyone who reads these pieces, no matter how they come across us, knows exactly where they can find us.

These simple steps can help your social media accounts and blog grow with relatively little work on your end. While there is definitely more to be done to manage these accounts, this gives you a great base to start from–and some passive ways to increase your traffic.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

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About Kristin Zaslavsky

Kristin Zaslavsky has nine years of marketing experience, specializing in technology innovation. Ultimately, that means she’s spent a lot of time designing applications that are easy to use – which is best for both the customer and the brand. She started her personal blog in 2010, carefully implementing a social media strategy to market her blog’s brand. This blended background led her to co-found Eli | Rose Social Media in 2011, where she helps small businesses to better utilize their internet presence.

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