Indiana Covered Bridges by Marsha Williamson Mohr

Indiana Covered Bridges by Marsha Williamson Mohr

For those who yearn to know more, Indiana Covered Bridges by Marsha Williamson Mohr, is a fantastic addition to any bookshelf!

Featuring Indiana covered bridges from across the state as well as gorgeous full color photographs, this book is a feast for your eyes–and soul.

Indiana Covered Bridges by Marsha Williamson Mohr

Can you believe there were once more than 500 covered bridges around Indiana during the 19th century? So reveals the cover flap for this hefty coffee table style book.

Today, there are less than 100. Less than one hundred of these amazing structures that varied so greatly in style and materials.

Fortunately, Indiana Covered Bridges shares what few we have left in every season!

Indiana History

There’s different views of thought as to why these covered bridges were constructed in the first place. As the foreword, by Rachel Berenson Perry, tells it, folks suggested that it more closely resembled a barn so horses would walk through without trouble, that it covered the view of the water to keep horses from getting nervous, or to protect a load of hay in one of those fast and furious Indiana rainstorms.

But the answer to this bit of Indiana history trivia, according to Perry, is none of the above at all. Instead, these bridges were constructed to protect the plank flooring, the wooden timbers, the joints indefinitely.

Flipping through Indiana Covered Bridges, you can see how true that is at these bridges dating back to 1886, 1873, 1880, and so on.

Indiana Author

This is a beautiful photographic work and a sort of reference manual all in one. It will look as lovely on your coffee table as it does on mine–and will definitely get people talking!

Find or special order Indiana Covered Bridges by Marsha Williamson Mohr at an Indiana bookstore near you or through the Indiana University Press website.

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