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little Indiana Returns to PBS

It’s that time again! I am back in the studio at WTIU at the lovely Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Indiana. I recorded a slew of great new small town stuff that I can’t wait to share with you! But first, I’d like to draw your attention to super huge news:

The Weekly Special won the Emmy for “Outstanding Magazine Program” for the episode “Renew and Reclaim,” Producer, Sarah Curtiss and Director Jay Kincaid. So, you know little Indiana is in good hands! They have a great design, excellent crew, and work really well together. It’s always a pleasure heading in (even though I know it is an hours long process).

Little Indiana on WTIU

So, where will we be headed this time around? Where won’t we be headed! From one end of the state to the other, and from side to side, I’ve got a whole lot of Indiana fun meant to entice you to finally hit the open, maybe even un-paved road, and see a different, laid-back type of Indiana. Shopping, dining, eat, playing, a little more eating…you know it is waiting on the latest little Indiana segment on The Weekly Special!

Want to hear a bit more about “Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations,” my book published by Indiana University Press early 2016? Of course you do, right? Well, that’s in here too! If that’s not enough, you can read a bit more about the process so far right here. Since this is my first book, the whole process is brand new to me. But hey, so was blogging and filming and I think that’s going pretty well, don’t you? Fortunately, everyone at IU Press and at the WTIU studio are supremely patient. Which is a good thing. There are, apparently, some words I just CAN’T say when I am tired! Airing statewide, check your favorite program guide to find out when it is on near you.

If you enjoy the little Indiana segment on PBS, please let the network know. They work so hard at putting this show together and helping me tell my small town story in the best way possible, I think it’s a nice gesture to let them know you care. You can let PBS know how much you LOVE little Indiana right here: (because you do, right?).

You can keep up with The Weekly Special on Facebook and the latest little Indiana segments at the Indiana Public Media website as well.

little Indiana Talks Book

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

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About Jessica Nunemaker

Jessica Nunemaker is the Owner of Little More than a website, Little Indiana is a PBS segment on the state-wide program "The Weekly Special," a bi-weekly column in a local newspaper, and a book. Look for "Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations" published by Indiana University Press in April 2016--just in time for Indiana's BIG 200th Birthday Celebration.


  1. Thank you! I have seen your posts. I will definitely be in touch. :)

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Congratulations on your book, TV show and Little Indiana success. I have been posting information about the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art on your facebook page. Yesterday, I saw the info about your book and TV show. If you are ever traveling through Lafayette, IN, please give me a call and we’ll see about getting you a peek at the Haan Museum. It is the best collection of Indiana Art anywhere. It is the only Museum focused solely on collecting Indiana art. There is a fabulous historic painting collection as well as a historic and contemporary ceramics collection. Amazing stuff. I’ll be happy to email you a full description about the Museum if you like. And, the Mansion housing all of this fabulous art was the Connecticut State Building at the 1904 World’s Fair!
    On the Museum property, there is also a rigorous mountain bike path and a hiking trail being mapped with over 25 Indiana native trees identified. It’s a great place. I know you would love it as a destination not yet discovered by the population of our great State.
    All the best to you, Flo Caddell, Exe. Director Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art, 765-418-5321

  3. aww YAY!!! Glad you’re back on! and LOL @ not being able to say some words when you’re tired. I can so relate! Can’t wait to see your book when it comes out :)

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I just watched the PBS IU interview, and I loved it. I cannot wait to see your book, and we would love to have a copy, which we will purchase at the JCHS Museum.
    I just wrote a column about small towns in Jasper County, but it has a sadder note than your take on cities and towns in Indiana.

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