What if you could visit destinations that span a specific county, snap selfies of these unique destinations, and share your expertise and experience with others?

The time is now if you travel Indiana.

It is a Little Indiana original. The Indiana County Selfie Stop Trail.

Indiana County Selfie Stop Trail

If you have ever wanted a reason to explore your own backyard, or branch out and explore the rest of the state, this would be it.

This is the one and only selfie county trail in the state so I’m pretty proud of this idea. It’s something I’ve been working on and planning since last year. Yes, that is a lot of work.

But I wanted this to be a great reflection of what these individual Indiana counties have to offer. There are far more points of interest in our communities than Wikipedia gives them credit for.

There are fun and unusual things to see and do that may not always make the glossy tourism brochures. With so many incredible attractions, it takes time before they ever make it right here on Little Indiana too.

So, you get a chance to document your Indiana travel in a whole new way. Make it a real adventure.

See how many selfies you can snap in each destination. Can you find them all?

Find Indiana County Selfie Stops

To begin, take a look at the list below. As more Indiana County Selfie Stop Trails are added, they will be included on this list for your convenience.

If you have a suggestion for a place to be included on the trail, please send an email using the contact form above.

How I Came Up With This Original Idea

You might be wondering how on Earth I came up with this one! You might remember that the story behind Little Indiana was entertaining enough and are hoping it ends up along those lines. Nope. No parade or Santa Claus this time.

It happened because of a job opportunity. 

I started to receive private messages on Twitter, heads-up posts on Instagram, and Facebook messages that there was going to be a new position created with Johnson County. They were going to hire their first Director of Tourism–and so many of you let me know about it.

You know me. I dug in. I compared my experience with the required skills. That was easy. It lined up.

There wasn’t a thing on that list I hadn’t done before, whether for Little Indiana, my freelance clients, or contracted employers. It was safe to say I had plenty of experience building a brand from scratch and getting results.

I started developing a strategy. That’s when I came up with this Big Idea for an Indiana County Selfie Spot Trail. Really, it happened after seeing one too many selfies of the same people on my Facebook feed. I started thinking about how people REALLY like their selfies when BAM! It hit me.

A county selfie stop trail would combine the best of everything: encouragement to get off the road and try something new, whether someone was a tourist or not.

The day of my final interview, I was ready. I had spent a month creating slides, using Johnson County images I had taken throughout, and laid out my entire strategy. I had plenty of experience presenting and I knew what I was talking about.

I held nothing back–including my original ideas that weren’t being done ANYWHERE else!

It was pretty fun and exciting. I shared my Selfie Spot Trail during my interview with the small group that made up the tourism board.

I thought it would be great to offer incentives for completing so many tagged selfies. I also wanted to include mural backdrops painted by locals at some locations too.

With so much time in the field, cruising around the state, speaking with reps and people from the US and abroad, you can bet I had plenty of great ideas and spelled out exactly when and how I was going to make them happen.

I didn’t get the job. I admit I was bummed at the sheer loss of all of these ideas.

But then I realized I could still use much of what I developed for that county–for the state.

Of course, if any tourism department needs a bit of consulting work…you could say I know what I’m talking about and what people are actually looking for when it comes to travel. I’ve been receiving their emails, their pleas for help, and speaking with them for years.

So, here we are. And here you go!

I’m excited that this one is going somewhere and not going to just rattle around in my head.

Be safe and use common sense out there.

Happy hunting!