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Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ Blender

Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ Blender: Image Used with Permission

Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ is the blender of my dreams!

Yes, I am being a little dramatic here but, let’s face it, if you’ve got one of those blenders like I used to have, it didn’t ever actually blend anything, did it? Everything has changed since the Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ blender entered our kitchen.

Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™

My husband and I make good use of our blender! We love smoothies, shakes, and the occasional adult beverage that involves ice. Hello, margaritas! But we have always had issues with our blender.

Fruit doesn’t chop up but gets stuck. Ice cream melts more than blends. Ice doesn’t do much at all other than sit there in a giant clump and whirl around in frustrating circles, just above the blade. We have never had a great relationship with our blender. There’s more “hate” than love there…until the Dynablend from Tribest!

Now THIS is a blender! The Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ is awesome!

Heavy Duty Blender

Tribest founder Jae Choi shared, “We worked to develop a durable, tempered glass that could withstand the power needed to blend ice and any fruit or vegetable. Our goal wasn’t power for the sake of power – we weren’t going for the type of power that could blend an iPhone – our mission was just the right amount power to achieve maximum nutrition. The Dynablend’s unique design prevents the delicate nutrients in the produce from being overheated.”

It shows. Ice quivers when it sees this Tribest blender. No more frustrating, irritating, and time-consuming battles with my old blender ever again! The Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ makes short work of anything we’ve thrown at it!

Fruits, veggies, ice, even ice cream…we’ve put it to work and have loved the results.

Tribest Blender Review

Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ Blender

Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™ Blender: Image Used with Permission

I already love Tribest! The Tribest Green Star Elite Juice Extractor has been amazing–and I am thrilled with the power and design of the  Dynablend® Horsepower Plus™.

It looks great, it’s easy to clean, and the glass pitcher is a fantastic size and shape! I think you will love it too! Find this Tribest product online or at a small Indiana town kitchen store near you!

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