Little Sheba's Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana

Reuben Sandwich at Little Sheba’s Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana

Little Sheba’s Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana is a local favorite–and always hopping.

With sandwiches that aren’t only tasty but cleverly named, it is easy to see why this Wayne County restaurant is so popular.

Little Sheba’s in Richmond

The inside of this place is really nice and a cut above what you are most likely expecting. Wood floors, a bit of stained glass, and new outdoor patio seating have made Little Sheba’s THE local hangout.

With a menu that’s been recently updated, it was really hard to decide. Fortunately, we dined with Nancy Sartain from Visit Wayne County so she helped give us the lowdown on her favorite sandwiches and sides.

What a menu. Even though the sandwiches are amazing, this menu features far more. Homemade potato chips, nice salads, a beer and wine list, burgers, and even pizza makes it a very well-rounded dining option for larger groups that needs to appeal to several different tastes. Add in that outside seating and it’s especially nice for people watching.

Richmond, Indiana Restaurant

Little Sheba's Restaurant Exterior in Richmond, Indiana

Little Sheba’s Restaurant Exterior in Richmond, Indiana

Browsing the menu, you can’t help but laugh at the names of the sandwiches. Renee’s Spoiled Rotten Brat, a ham, turkey, cheddar, and blue cheese sandwich, there’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrel,  ham, turkey, or both! Topped with pineapple, green pepper, bacon, and a special sauce on a pita.

My husband decided on John Boy’s Stupid Idiot, a ham, turkey, roast beef, Feta cheese, mild peppers, tomato, lettuce, and onion sub drizzled with Italian dressing. He was in love.

I had to go with the Reuben sandwich. It did NOT disappoint. Wow was this a thing of beauty. PILED with meat and cheese, it was a very memorable meal.

Kid #1 had the Italian Stallion, a pepperoni, salami, and ham creation that’s toasted. He thought it was fantastic! Kid #2 was equally happy with his pizza. My husband sampled a piece of Kid #’2 pepperoni pizza and declared it very good. I know I’d love to try Sheba’s Greek Style Pizza with spinach, black olives, tomatoes, onions, and feta cheese and a choice of sauce or the Scoundrel (the sandwich toppings in pizza form). See what I mean about creative names and flavors? That’s part of what makes this Richmond restaurant so much fun.

Go There

Italian Stallion Sandwich at Little Sheba's Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana

Italian Stallion Sandwich at Little Sheba’s Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana

The service was fantastic, the food is homemade and amazing, and it’s within walking distance of a bunch of locally-owned shops. As they like to say, “It’s better than being at home.”

You don’t need any more prodding than that, do you? Little Sheba’s Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana is a dining must.

Small towns: destinations, not drive-thrus. I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Little Sheba’s Restaurant
175 Fort Wayne Ave
Richmond, Indiana 47374
Little Sheba’s Restaurant Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM
Friday and Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM
Sunday: Closed
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