Newton County Courthouse in Kentland, Indiana

Newton County Courthouse in Kentland, Indiana

A visit to Kentland, Indiana was long overdue.

Folks from the surrounding (and much smaller) Indiana towns flock to Kentland on weekends.

Kentland, Indiana in Newton County

The surrounding areas are so very small that Kentland, Indiana is the place to go for things to do and places to see.

Shops and a restaurant or two border the Newton County Courthouse.  It is wonderful to see a small town with actual businesses in the downtown square.

You have just got to drive (or walk) around the neighborhoods that span outward from the courthouse square: we’re talking gingerbread and spires! I’ve seen more than a few houses to add to my ever expanding “to buy” list (in my dreams, I know).

Drooling over all those homes made us hungry! Locals directed us to make a stop at The Good Table Family Restaurant (you won’t believe the prices or the homemade pie).

An Indiana Town

After dessert (mmm, pie!), Hubby and I toodled around a bit, enjoying the freedom that only comes at the cost of a babysitter.

Adult conversation and a leisurely meal in an Indiana small town?  Priceless.

It looks like there’s a couple of historic landmarks around Kentland. When the weather is a bit better I will definitely have to go check that out. I do love Indiana history!

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Kentland, Indiana

Kentland, Indiana

Kentland is in a class all its own. The people were nice, the buildings are great, and so was the food.

This is definitely a great place to stop, stretch your legs, and take a look around.

Kentland, Indiana in Newton County

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