Ayda's Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana:

Ayda’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana: Generous Portion of Fried Ice Cream

Head to Rensselaer, Indiana for the amazing Ayda’s Mexican Cuisine.

Once only a couple of blocks away from the historic downtown, it has since moved to a fabulous, convenient new location.

Ayda’s Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana

Ayda's Authentic Mexican Cuisine Rensselaer Indiana

Ayda’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana: American Tacos with Rice and Beans

Locals will remember it as an old retail furniture and flooring building. It looks nothing like the run-down, worn-out building from their memories. This former eyesore is now completely renovated. It’s been completely updated inside and out.

The windows are new, extending almost from floor to ceiling. They let in a lot of light and line the sides of the building. The paint is fresh, clean, and a nice complement to the beamed ceilings and dashes of complementary colors. Outside, the peeling white paint is gone, with a beautiful warm color

They put in a new kitchen that’s so bright and clean. You can see them cooking! I love that. There’s also a separate area for paying your bill. In other words:

It looks amazing! This building is stylish and classy with a dose of colorful Mexican flair. But don’t worry: jeans and t-shirts are still okay. Everyone wears, well, whatever they want to wear. Whether folks are on their lunch break, dining with their children or grandchildren, or enjoying a date night, it’s so spacious and roomy, there’s a place for everyone.

It’s a nice local hangout with what has to be ten times the space of their former building. Now, they no longer have to worry about any other flooding in Rensselaer ever again. The river will no longer meet their front door.

Rensselaer, Indiana Mexican Restaurant

Have I yet professed to you my incredible love of Mexican food? No?  Well, I love it. It is second only to pizza, in my opinion. Yes, I realize I am talking about a whole culture’s food versus a specific type of food but there ya go. That’s just how I roll.

Step inside this warm and comfortable mom and pop restaurant and get ready for a great meal. Before you head in to sit down, check the board for the day’s specials. It could be a different kind of taco or soup. You just never know…

…and that is a part of the fun! We have always loved this Rensselaer, Indiana restaurant. They updated their menu for the big grand opening back in September of 2015. They had a mariachi band playing to celebrate their big move. After all, they worked on the building for months–if not a year.

That’s another thing:

Ayda’s has been hosting the occasional event. They had “share chips and salsa with a police officer” one day. Another time, they teamed up with the locally-owned downtown movie theater, Ritz Cinema, for a dinner out and a movie event that featured Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos. Great idea, right?

But a restaurant is only as good as the food it serves. Fortunately, Ayda’s Mexican Cuisine is more than a pretty face. There’s a lot to love about the menu at this phenomenal Mexican restaurant. I’ve even included it below for you.

Rensselaer, Indiana Restaurants

Things to Do in Rensselaer Indiana

Things to Do in Rensselaer, Indiana

Did I yet mention the prices? They are reasonable. Most orders even come with rice and beans.

For our very first visit at the old building, my husband ordered a Monster Steak Burrito (that’s what it’s actually called), I got Combination #4: One Chicken Taco, One Enchilada, and One Tamale, and a healthy order of Guacamole with a big bag of Homemade Tortilla Chips.

If we had chosen to dine in that day (instead of taking it to Iroquois Park across the street) then we would have had warm Tortilla Chips and Salsa brought to our table for free. Still–these portions aren’t tiny so we had plenty of food. My husband, Jeremy, and I kept raiding the refrigerator for leftover guacamole. We just couldn’t stay out of it.

The new menu now includes salads and soups in addition to these menu items:

  • #19. Pechuga Rellena
  • #20. Tilapia Fish
  • #26. We brought back Breaded Shrimp
  • #27. Milanesa De Pollo

You may: [button color=”red” size=”big” link=”http://littleindiana.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Aydas-Mexican-Cuisine-Rensselaer-Menu-1.jpg” icon=”” target=”false”]Download Ayda’s Mexican Cuisine Menu right here for your convenience[/button]
Remember, hours, prices, and even items may change. Always call ahead before making a special trip.

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Ayda's Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana: Mexican Cheeseburger

Ayda’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Rensselaer, Indiana: Mexican Cheeseburger

The only question that I have is…

How soon can we get back?

Save room for the Banana Fry. It’s pure Heaven! Of course, the Fried Ice Cream (shown above) is a pretty strong contender. That is also an awesome dessert. After a full meal at Ayda’s Mexican Restaurant, we have just enough room for two orders, shared among the four of us. It’s the perfect portion for sharing, available in strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla.

Ayda’s is a fantastic dining option in Rensselaer and one of the few open late (and even on Sunday).

To stay on top of the latest events, specials, and news, follow Ayda’s Mexican Cuisinie on Facebook.

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Ayda’s Mexican Cuisine
208 S Van Rensselaer Street
Rensselaer, Indiana 47978

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