Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

The historic downtown of Lowell, Indiana is absolutely incredible and so much fun.

Building after building after building of shops, restaurants, and more are waiting!

Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

First things first: parking on the street is not so fun for those who cannot park parallel to save their life! However–there is a giant parking lot right downtown. It’s right off of Route 2. Turn at the Lowell VFW and follow the sign! You can’t miss it.

Trust me on this: you want an easy place to park because this Indiana town will help you get your shopping groove on. What an incredible selection of shops! Indiana antiques, resale, and gift shops all down the length of the rather thriving and very bustling downtown strip.

You know it’s a great Lake County town when there are actually people out and about and actually shopping in the historic downtown! That’s always a really good sign.

Things to Do in Lowell, Indiana

Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

Most of the shops had a step or stairs and the sidewalk itself was quite narrow (I did manage to trip on a step and practically fall into a shop which is always a great first impression). It was a bit of a bear every now and then dealing with our jogging stroller. It’s just something to be aware of.

Loads of excellent antique shops, a flea market or thrift shop or two, Spike’s Railhead (an incredible train shop), and even home decor shops are scattered across the historic downtown. If I lived here, you can bet I would do every single bit of my gift shopping right here!

Did I mention food yet? This wouldn’t be little Indiana without mentioning the restaurants–and Lowell, Indiana had quite a few! We received a few recommendations: McVey’s Restaurant and Bar, the new Cornerstone Restaurant, and Athens Grill.

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Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

Once again, I’ve been completely surprised by the assortment found inside a small town. I know you will be, too.

Stay tuned for a more detailed peek into Lowell’s historic downtown shops, that awesome Victorian architecture, the decaying and the incredible old school.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Lowell, Indiana in Lake County

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