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Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County: Mega Potato Fans

Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County
Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County: Once an Old Hotel, Perhaps?

We didn’t know what to expect out of Medaryville, Indiana.

It was one of those spur of the moment trips as in “grab a toy for the car and let’s get moving” spur of the moment!

Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County

There were no special places written down to go visit. There was nowhere that we had to be. We had no special plans. Nothing in mind except to see what this Pulaski County town had going on.

We found some really fantastic things to see and do in this teeny tiny town. With a population that barely hits more than 500 people, it was a welcome surprise.

I was ready to explore the quaint Indiana town! After a bit of a car ride, our boys were raring to check out the Medaryville playground we spotted on our way in.

Things to Do in Medaryville, Indiana

Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County
Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County

My husband, Jeremy, kindly took the kids to the nice little park just a block away from the downtown area while I gallivanted around town, camera in hand.

I did happen upon a friendly local lady who kindly gave me a little Medaryville history lowdown on the old town jail (and later fire station) as well as a few other neat buildings in town. I always find the history of a place fascinating, don’t you?

It is a tiny little town but Medaryville, Indiana residents do have a big festival that they have only recently resurrected: The Potato Festival! Yes, it appears that Medaryville residents are as big a fan of potatoes as I am.

Maybe that’s just a Midwest thing. We Hoosiers do enjoy our carbs!

Go There

Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County
Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County

I’ve got more to post about this tiny little place including a bit of unusual architecture for such a small Indiana town. The Medaryville Library had a very grand exterior entrance.

Consider this a nice preview of  quiet and cute Medaryville, Indiana!

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Medaryville, Indiana in Pulaski County

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  1. I grew up in Medaryville, and it is a great little town. My Mom retired from the Library Board last year, and was instrumental in getting the grant written to fund the new library you referred to.

    Another interesting bit of local information is that the Jasper Pulaski Wildlife Area just outside town is a resting place for Sandhill Cranes on their annual migrations. Thousands of them stop there in the spring and fall. Fall is the best viewing. They stay for several weeks, starting in late September through December.

    The local Lions Club sponsors a Crane Cruise bike ride, in 2010 it will be on October 16th. Routes range from 12 – 50 miles over paved roads. for more information.

    Medaryville isn’t a vacation destination, but it was a great place to grow up, and a nice place to visit.

  2. I wish I had the gumption to chuck the kids in the car and take them on a trip… I’m not that spontaneous… glad it was a great time!

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