Fire Safety Week in Indiana

Fire Safety Week in Indiana

When you wander around a small town like Rensselaer, Indiana you just never know what you will find!

On this evening, however, the doors to this Jasper County fire station was open and we saw fire trucks–and a crowd.

Fire Safety Week in Indiana Towns

On our after-dinner walk we passed by the  Fire Department and…I saw popcorn. And cotton candy. And lots of Fire Fighters and children milling around.

At this point Kid #1 stopped riding his bike past and started in with the “Can we? Can we go?” to which my husband, Jeremy, and I responded with the intelligent answer: “We don’t even know what it is!”

First, I should mention that Kid #1 has been a fire fighter for the PAST THREE YEARS for Halloween. He’s got a ride-on fire truck, fire fighter accessories, and just really gets into it. Second, you should also know that Kid #1 is a big fan of popcorn. Put them together and it’s no wonder he was thrilled!

As we soon found it, it was to celebrate Fire Prevention Week! The fire fighters had had a busy time going from school to school and sharing fire safety tips.

Rensselaer, Indiana Fire Safety

Every year they throw open the doors to the fire station and let the kids climb in the fire trucks and the police cars, and just have fun.

Kids got to play the old ball-in-a-boot game, you know, the fire fighter version of Bozo’s old Grand Prize Game (except without the prizes). There were plenty of fun (and free) things for kids to take home (besides the giant cone of cotton candy Kid #1 gobbled up): coloring pages, pencils, bracelets, and a red plastic fire fighter hat.

But, it didn’t stop there! Members of Saint Joseph’s College basketball team were on-hand to sign the hats! How cute is that? Some of those young men are incredibly tall. Even my husband felt short! They were super polite and spoke to Kid #1 (which he just LOVED) and one young man gave Kid #2 (the baby) a sticker (of which he promptly ate). Kid #2 had no idea what was going on but seemed really entertained all the same.

Indiana Fun

Fire Safety Week in Indiana

Fire Safety Week in Indiana

Anyway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m sure: there is always something to do in a small town.

In other words, walk around a few of them and you just might come across something truly unique. Expect the unexpected.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Rensselaer, Indiana in Jasper County

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