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little Indiana Weekly Recap 4/6/2014 – 4/12/2014

Superior Sales and Service in Rensselaer, Indiana

Spring has Sprung! This week you'll find a fantastic bed and breakfast that was just MADE for relaxation, an awesome bicycle shop (and way more), wonderful Mexican food, and more than 150 recipes from Indiana Bloggers to make your Easter! Those recipes are all in one place so you can easily find the things you need. Read More »

Word Board Games for Family Game Night

Deluxe Clever Endeavor Board Game by MindGames

Every so often I can talk my husband into playing a word game for family game night! Now that our oldest is an advanced reading, we can let him join in on the competitive spelling fun! Read More »

James Rebhorn, Anderson, Indiana Native, Dead at 65

James Rebhorn, an actor you would definitely recognize, grew up in Indiana. Read More »

Peaceable Kingdom Sunny Day Pond Board Game Review

Sunny Day Pond Board Game by Peaceable Kingdom

Sunny Day Pond Board Game by Peaceable Kingdom is a wonderful preschool appropriate game for Family Game Night! Read More »

Best Board Games for Adults on Family Game Night

Vintage Aggravation Board Game by Milton Bradley

When you've got a group of adults together, you will want to plan ahead with this list of Best Board Games for Adults! Family friendly, they are lengthier, more competitive, or more complicated than the usual child's game. Read More »

How To Use Pinterest for Planning Your Indiana Trip

Indiana Town Boards on Pinterest

Did you know that you can easily use Pinterest to help plan your next Indiana trip? Remembering where to go and what you wanted to do is so easy--and it all starts with little Indiana. Read More »

Best Family Games for Older Kids for Family Game Night

10 Days in the USA Game by Out of the Box

When you have older kids in the house, Family Game Night can go in a whole new direction. The following games are games that I would consider a good fit for older kids due to the reading and/or writing involved. Read More »

Best Family Games for a Mix of Ages

Jurassic Park III Board Game by Milton Bradley

In our home, Family Game Night is almost every night! The games to follow are things that all of us can play--and yes, that does include a preschooler (age 4) and our 8 year old. Read More »

I Chopped Off My Hair and Donated it to Locks of Love

Donating Hair to Locks of Love

THIS is my year of service. This is the year I let go of stupid selfish tendencies. This is the year I make a conscious effort to radically love. It's why I gave a stranger a ride and lived to tell the tale! I received such wonderful emails after that one, I decided to continue to document my journey in the hopes that it will serve to inspire others. Read More »

Best Family Games for Preschoolers

Cat and Mouse by Ravensburger

It is possible to have a great Family Game Night with preschoolers! Don't be surprised if your preschooler isn't the only one having fun! Read More »

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