Lowell, Indiana High School

Lowell, Indiana High School

We discovered the old Lowell, Indiana high school while wandering along side streets.

Suddenly we burst upon this wonderful old building.

Lowell, Indiana High School

Can you imagine our surprise and awe? It towers over the street from its perch on top of a small, steep hill. Imposing–even in its decayed state.

How many Lake County students walked through these doors when the floors were shiny new wood? How many first days of school has that building seen? How many games of tag or first crushes?

They just don’t make them like they used to.

Lowell, Indiana Landmark

Lowell, Indiana High School

Lowell, Indiana High School

Small Indiana towns or big cities, beautiful abandoned properties can be found anywhere.

The story behind this old Lowell School and it’s unfortunate state of disrepair? The current owners refuse to sell but also refuse to do anything. It sounds complicated. And frustrating.

So…it sits. Neglected. Crumbling. The roof completely disintegrating causing who knows how much damage on the inside as well as falling off and hitting homes that surround it.

What I wouldn’t give to poke around and take a few pics before it’s gone.

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Lowell, Indiana High School

Lowell, Indiana High School

I can only hope that something will change. This is an important piece of Indiana history. It points back to a very prosperous beginning in Lowell’s history.

Would that not make a wonderful community gathering place in this small Indiana town?

If and when that happens (I am an optimist), let me know. little Indiana would love to donate to its preservation.

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Lowell High School
525 E Main Street
Lowell, Indiana 46256
This Building Has Been Torn Down (5/2013)

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