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Little Indiana Shares Knightstown on PBS

Little Indiana, Jessica Nunemaker, in Knightstown, Indiana for PBS Segment

What small town has a fantastic diner AND a landmark that was also the site of a movie that's considered one of the best sports films of all time?

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Pappaw’s Honey Farm: Hidden in Hagerstown

Pappaw's Hunny Farm Market Hagerstown, Indiana

Pappaw's Honey Farm in Hagerstown, Indiana is so great--they keep expanding! See why folks in central Indiana flock to Pappaw's.

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Hunter’s Honey Farm: Busy Bees Since 1910

Hunter's Honey Farm in Martinsville, Indiana

Hunter's Honey Farm in Martinsville, Indiana is a fabulous look at the honeybee. You'll love their honey and honey products, too.

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Remarkable Life, Tragic Death: Fairmount Boy James Dean

You Can't Go Home Again: Fairmount High School Graffiti at James Dean's Old School

James Dean is still celebrated each year in Fairmount, Indiana. Look at the map for James Dean landmarks and learn about this short-lived icon!

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Mammoth Mushrooms & Waterfall: 1934 World’s Fair Flair

Giant Mushroom at Krider World's Fair Gardens in Middlebury, Indiana

Middlebury holds Krider World's Fair Gardens, a replica of the 1934 Chicago attraction! Look for the 10 foot mushroom, the working waterwheel, and more.

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The Simple Life: Lovely Willowfield Lavender Farm

Willowfield Lavender Farm in Mooresville, Indiana The Home where the Wedding Party can get Ready

From French linens to gourmet tea blends, and live music in the field, Willowfield Lavender Farm is more than an events venue. It's a beautiful escape.

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JT’s Shrimp Farm in Wheatfield: 250,000 Shrimp a Year

JT's Shrimp Farm in Wheatfield, Indiana

JT's Shrimp Farm in Wheatfield, Indiana offers fresh, live, salt-water shrimp that are chemical, hormone, and antibiotic free in a tiny town.

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Midwest FIRST: Indoor Beach in Covington

Indoor Beach in Covington, Indiana

Inspired by Nature in Covington, Indiana has the first indoor beach in the Midwest--if not the whole United States! Events or open play, it's awesome.

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Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton

Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana

Eagle Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana offers a view 200 feet above the Ohio River. See the Cannelton Locks and Dam in action in a whole new way!

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Images: Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville

Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana

Retail shop or wet clay studio, Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana can fit large groups easily. Look for special events and workshops!

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