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J & J’s Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana is Just Plain Good

J&J Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana
J&J Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana

There’s nothing fancy, schmancy about J & J’s  Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana.

This Newton County pizza parlor certainly has that small town atmosphere that I know and love.

J&J’s Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana

What they also have is pizza: good, yummy, hot out of the oven pizza!

They seem to be known for their kitchen sink pizza which, as you probably have guessed, has everything on it!

If we hadn’t had the kids along we probably would have tried it (hubs and I do like a good everything pizza). Instead, we got a half cheese and a half cheese and sausage pizza. It’s on the list for next time.

Of course, we had to start with nummy cheesesticks, eaten while watching people zip by on golf carts. So funny. By the  time we polished those off and our pizza arrived, the place was hopping and pretty full! Of course, it’s not exactly a large pizza parlor to begin with, but still. It seemed to be a local favorite.

Roselawn, Indiana Restaurant

J&J Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana
J&J Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana

This small Indiana town pizza parlor has something fun on the menu: J&J’s Pizza Challenge!

Apparently, whomever can finish an entire deep-dish, kitchen sink pizza in one hour gets it free! If I had known about that while I was pregnant, I’m pretty sure I could have won! As it is, I think it would be fun to order just to see how big it really is!

As we were finishing up (and Kid #1 ditched us to play on the retro arcade games) the owner walked around handing out frozen mini candy bars from a very large bucket. This is a man after my own heart.

What’s more — J & J’s Pizza Shack has an ice cream counter! They even had that wonder of wonders: Blue Moon! If you haven’t had a chance to sample Blue Moon ice cream, well, now you know of another place where you can get it!

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J&J Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana
J&J Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana

It’s easy to see why J&J’s Pizza Shack in Roselawn, Indiana is such a hit with the locals.

Now the only question is: do you have what it takes to win the challenge?

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J&J’s Pizza Shack
5942 E State Road 10
Roselawn, Indiana 46372

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