Indiana Covered Bridges: Roann, Indiana Eel River Bridge

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Indiana Covered Bridges: Roann, Indiana Eel River Bridge

Roann, Indiana Eel River Covered Bridge

Roann, Indiana Eel River Covered Bridge

Looking for Indiana covered bridges? You won’t have to look far if you are in teeny, tiny Roann, Indiana!

This Wabash County bridge may date back to 1877 but it is still in use today!

Roann, Indiana Covered Bridge

This 1877 built bridge that crosses Eel River in this small Indiana town is not the first bridge to have stood over this spot. In fact, it’s not even the second. Or the third. This bridge over the Eel River is the fourth bridge built on the very same spot!

The first bridge was constructed some time in 1841. The next year–flood! So, in 1845, another bridge was built. A good few years of use were had until–flood!

In the mid to late 1850’s, another bridge was erected. This time, it lasted for twenty years until, you guessed it, another flood.

Indiana Covered Bridges

Roann, Indiana Eel River Covered Bridge

Roann, Indiana Eel River Covered Bridge

It hasn’t been easy for the Roann covered bridge! Aside from the dangers of flooding, it once battled a fire back in 1990.

But unlike another bridge lost to fire in Wabash County (they now only have two covered bridges left), the Roann bridge received the help it needed. Today, it’s a beautiful, beautiful bridge!

Originally thought to be painted white, folks in the know thought that the Roann Bridge was actually probably red! Whether that is accurate or not, I do not know but I can tell you that the red is certainly eye-catching.

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Roann, Indiana Eel River Covered Bridge

Roann, Indiana Eel River Covered Bridge

I have to admit, I am a bit curious as to where this river got its name!

Enjoy the Roann Bridge–it’s been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1981.

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Roann, Indiana in Wabash County
*Map location is the Indiana town center and not the location of the bridge.

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  1. Jessica Nunemaker March 14, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Wow, Mike! That’s quite an achievement! Glad little Indiana can help!

  2. Mike McIntire March 8, 2012 at 10:10 am

    When I retired, I started a project to drive all of the federal and state highways in Indiana (not politically correct, I know – just me in my pick up truck, burning fosil fuel. But I’m a child of the 50’s.). I’m about 80% complete. I appreciate web sites like this that satisify my curiosity about what I’ve seen.

  3. Kevin Jolly April 30, 2011 at 1:29 am

    Hi, I am glad that you took an interest in Wabash County. There is also a great Miami Indain heritage in Wabash and the surounding counties. You should check into The Seven Pillars, Hanging Rock, and The Salamonie Forrest State Park.

    My Mother was from Madison Indiana. Jefferson County has much to explore. My great Aunt Jean was a tour guid there I can give you names and more about Madison if you would like. I like your site and what you are doing. Keep up the good work and task of documenting Indiana.
    G.K.Jolly and I go by Kevin (parents choice).

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