Hebron, Indiana: Old Farmhouse Antiques

Hebron, Indiana: Old Farmhouse Antiques

Old Farm House Antiques in Hebron, Indiana is phenomenal. Every item is in superb shape–and what’s more fun than an antique shop that takes up a whole house?

Browsing through Indiana antiques is so much fun!

Hebron, Indiana: Old Farm House Antiques

And what a house it is. Great wood flooring, lovely original woodwork, plus stained glass doors and windows.

Beautiful and full of character and, really, the perfect setting in which to place loads of wonderful antiques.

You can bet we left the kids behind this time! They don’t do so well with that whole “look but don’t touch” rule yet.

Indiana Antiques

These Indiana antiques are located right next to Hebron’s high school. This is an easy one to find. Hey, we didn’t miss it or get lost and, well, we’re kind of famous for doing both.

Just ask hubs about the trip we made when we moved to where he was stationed in South Carolina. I never thought I’d see civilization again!

Inside Old Farm House Antiques

Old Farm House Antiques has a lot of interesting pieces that we hadn’t seen or heard of before–like a Prayer chair. Kind of neat!

Really, everything is in great shape in this well-kept Hebron, Indiana shop.

Old Farmhouse Antiques in Hebron, Indiana

Old Farmhouse Antiques in Hebron, Indiana

The couple who own this antique shop  are very friendly and can tell you a story or two! They make their way around to many of the antique shows scattered across Indiana.

Indiana Antiques to Fill a House

Just checking out the house is fun! Throw in a super fantastic antique shop and what a great way to spend an hour or two in a small Indiana town!

Now that’s an afternoon well spent, don’t you agree?

I’d recommend stopping in to Old Farm House Antiques for high quality antique furniture and items. There’s nothing raggedy here!

Find Old Farmhouse Antiques images and other pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream.

Old Farm House Antiques
409 S Main St
Hebron, Indiana 46341

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