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Dawg House Diner in Greensburg

Dawg Haus Diner in Greensburg, Indiana Guacamole Hot Dog
Dawg Haus Diner in Greensburg, Indiana Guacamole Hot Dog
little Indiana is in the Dawg House Diner in Greensburg, Indiana–and lovin’ it!

If you thought that a hot dog is nothing more than a bun and beef frank, prepare to be wowed by this Decatur County diner.

Dawg House Diner in Greensburg, Indiana

Dawg Haus Diner in Greensburg, Indiana Reuben Hot Dog
Dawg House Diner in Greensburg, Indiana Reuben Hot Dog
As the owner says, it’s “Where the only time being in the Dawg House is a good thing!” I can’t help but agree. It certainly is good!

Hip and fun, it’s a gleaming 50’s style hang-out. Black and white tiles, exposed brick, and a retro counter add to the fun. Hilarious comics dot the walls. They deliver to folks in this Indiana town and even serve beer. The free Wi-Fi is just a nice little bonus!

But the giant menu with 25 different styles of hot dogs on it certainly takes center stage! However would little Indiana choose?

Greensburg, Indiana Restaurant

Dawg House Diner in Greensburg, Indiana
Dawg House Diner in Greensburg, Indiana
My husband, Jeremy, decided instantly: Guacamole Hot Dog with a side of chips. Kid #1 got a cheese dog and I? Well, let’s take a look at what I could have ordered! There’s the Tex-Mex Dog, a Coney Hot Dog, the Sombrero Dog, and the spicy Firehouse Dawg. There’s  also 25 dogs on the menu! But then I saw it…

If you’ve been following along in little Indiana for awhile, then you know how much I like a good Reuben sandwich. The Dawg House had a Reuben Hot Dog! My Reuben Dog, or Dawg as they spell it, was the best hot dog I have ever eaten. Swiss cheese, thousand island, and sauerkraut on an all-beef frank. Delicious! Who would have thought?

My husband was in love with his Guacamole Dog. He agreed–it was the best hot dog that HE’S ever had.

Feeling adventurous? Finish a 22 lb hot dog with the works and win a t-shirt! Did I try? No way– but I might have a chance if we can make it a Reuben Dog!

Go There

If you are a hot dog lover or just want a place to hang out, the Dawg House Diner in Greensburg, Indiana is it! It has everything–great food, great atmosphere, Wi-Fi, and even beer. It’s a restaurant that I believe is destined to be the favorite local hangout in the years to come!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ‘em that  little Indiana sent you!

The Dawg House
116 E Washington Street
Greensburg, Indiana 47240

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Special thanks to Visit Greensburg for hosting our stay. As always, my opinions remain mine and mine alone.

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Jessica Nunemaker is the little Indiana owner and Host of a little Indiana segment state-wide on PBS. Sometimes, she even sleeps. You'll usually find Jessica gallivanting around Indiana towns (population 15,000 and less) with her husband, Jeremy, and two boys (ages 9 and 5) in tow in search of where to stay, play and eat in small towns across the state! Small towns: destinations, not drive-thrus!

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  1. Jessica Nunemaker

    That Reuben Dog was something else! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. This place is amazing! Always fun, good food, and the owner, Mike, is a blast! Highly reccomend to anyone coming through or around the area!

  3. I am so disappointed that you were in Greensburg and we didn’t get to give you the full tour. Would you be interested in another trip? We need to take you to Stories, to Highpoint Orchard, take the short drive to the Damm Theatre and check out the Ertel Cellars Winery. Please say you’ll come back!

    Angela Phebus

  4. It’s really good! :) Food is awesome, great atmosphere–and everyone is nice!

  5. oh man! Hubby would love this! Might make the trip

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