Flower Shop 2 in Delphi, Indiana

Flower Shop 2 in Delphi, Indiana

Situated on a corner in a lovely building, The Flower Shoppe 2 in Delphi, Indiana is a green oasis.

Plants and potted flowers line the spacious windows at this Carroll County florist–and give you a clue as to what lies inside!

The Flower Shoppe 2 in Delphi, Indiana

It may not be common knowledge, but in my own home? Plants and flowers don’t do so well. If they can’t tell me what they need–they probably won’t get it!

Kidding aside, the people at The Flower Shoppe 2 were so knowledgeable, they confidently pointed me in the right direction. You know, towards the hardier plants.

Too bad I forgot to go back, pay for, and pick up my perfect plant! Don’t you just hate when that happens?

Delphi, Indiana Florist

Flower Shop 2 in Delphi, Indiana

Flower Shop 2 in Delphi, Indiana

The big, beautiful purple and green plant, the Wandering Jew, in the window? Yeah, that should be in my home as we speak. Looks like I need to make a return trip to this fun Indiana town!

More than just plants and flowers, The Flower Shoppe 2 also has pretty things to put them in! Gardening containers and pots in all shades of the rainbow! Green, blue, purple, white, stripes or polka dot, I’m pretty sure they have whatever you need.

Talk about selection–there’s even a whole area of garden decor in this Carroll County green spot.

When you need to pop in for a gift, there are more than plants and fresh or potted flowers. Stuffed animals, handbags, and tchotchkes, you can get all your gifts here and be done!

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Flower Shop 2 in Delphi, Indiana

Flower Shop 2 in Delphi, Indiana

So my thumb may be less than green. But that’s okay when you’ve got folks in the know.

Just don’t forget to look up before you leave–The Flower Shoppe is in an amazing building. Get a load of those detailed pillars and the fabulous tin ceiling! Awesome.

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The Flower Shoppe II
102 East Main Street
Delphi, Indiana 46923

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