Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana Inside of Juke Box

There are pieces in differing states of togetherness. It is fascinating just walking through Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana. This is the inside of a vintage jukebox.

Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana is where old slot machines, arcade games, and soda machines go–not to die, but to receive new life from owner Bob Peltz’s capable hands.

This Hendricks County fix-it shop is so much fun to visit. This is probably one of the more unique Indiana travel destinations. If you like usable vintage items, this one is for you.

Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana

Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana Exterior

Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana Exterior

Set inside the old Fayette General Store, you can’t miss the old buggy attached to the roof. It’s kind of an eye-catcher.

Tin signs adorn the outside along with an old gas pump. All of the neat vintage touches on the outside don’t set you up for what to expect when you walk in.

Bob Peltz tore his first classic car apart forty years ago. Twenty years later he got it put together–and he’s been taking things apart and fixing them up ever since.

This Mr. Fix-It specializes in pieces before 1975. While this may not seem like your typical Indiana attraction, for those of you have never been here (especially those of you who need this type of service) you are in for a real surprise.

Fayette, Indiana Restoration

At Big Boys Toys and Restoration, there is lots of stuff. Shelves of stuff. You will find stuff of all kinds, in all sizes, and in all colors. It is amazing.

From giant old tube type jukeboxes torn apart and receiving needed repair to old slot machines, there is a whole building here full of things for sale in this Central Indiana shop.

There are those old penny scales and bowling machines–and loads of vintage jukeboxes. Who knew that there were so many different styles and sizes?

Poking around this Zionsville-area fix it shop is like stepping back in time. Shelves of antique cash registers sat among the old penny scales that are way past their fortune-telling days. But not for long.

Pick out one of these treasures and Bob Peltz will not only dust it off, he’ll restore to as good as new condition (or darn near close). It is amazing to walk the rows of items. Where did they come from? Who did they belong to? Why are they here now? You know that some of these things had to have been in old diners and cafes. Once upon a time, they were new and exciting, well-used and much loved.

Now, here they sit. Waiting for someone else to come along and take an interest in them. Will it be you?

Get Your Jukebox Fixed

Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana

There are a variety of jukeboxes for sale at Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana. If your jukebox is broken, he can fix it.

Indiana small towns are full of interesting and unique things to see and do–until now you just didn’t know where to look.

I can tell you first-hand that Big Boys Toys and Restoration in Fayette, Indiana should now be included on that list. All of us, our kids included, were impressed and amazed.

The address may read “Zionsville” but this is not the Zionsville you know. It is part of a bedroom community called Fayette. It is worth the trip.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus. I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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Big Boys Toys and Restoration
8970 Cooper Road
Zionsville, IN  46077

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