Indiana Cemetery

Indiana Cemetery

Lonely, neglected Indiana cemetery by the side of the road? You can bet little Indiana is pulling over!

The tall white headstones of Hindel/Hindle/Inwood Cemetery set off against a dark, stormy-looking sky caught my eye. I just had to investigate.

Inwood/Hindel/Hindle Cemetery in Inwood, Indiana

It’s a bit tricky getting into the Hindle/Hindel/Inwood Cemetery. You have to pull over off of a road that people like to really fly down–and try to park in the grass in front of the wire fence without hitting anything (or getting stuck).

From the looks of it, Inwood/Hindle/Hindel Cemetery is a place that isn’t visited very often. There’s not even a sign stating the name. Want to know how I figured this one out? I followed the path of the route we took using Google Maps until I saw it–there was no map pin at all!

At this Marshall County Cemetery, there were no flowering memorial wreaths or balloons hanging around. Long grass grew here, there, and everywhere. Some of the stones seemed to be almost overtaken by it.

Inwood, Indiana Cemetery

Indiana Cemetery

Indiana Cemetery

And yet–it’s these neglected and abandoned-feeling Indiana cemeteries that really stick with me.

Who were these people? Why are some stones so grand yet others are just a rock? Literally.

Among the tall skinny stone spires lie carefully spaced chunks of rock. They are evidently markers but to whom do they belong? Is it that they were so old the stones crumbled or something else?

I hate that I’ll never know. I just find it all so very intriguing.

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Indiana Cemetery

Indiana Cemetery

Not to far away from a couple of Indiana towns, it’ll make a great place to stop, stretch your legs, and ponder the lives of the people found here.

Many are extravagant or intricately engraved. It makes quite the visual impact when compared with the basic stone hunks placed  along the back of the site!

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Inwood/Hindle/Hindel Cemetery
Inwood, Indiana
N41° 19.238′  W86° 13.2′

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